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A professor went missing allegedly with 1 billion baht of investors’ money

Police are hunting for a Chulalongkorn University's former professor who operated what was suspected to be a Ponzi scheme and escaped with about one billion baht in investments of his investors.

Pol Lt-Gen Thitirach Nongharnpitak, commissioner of Central Investigation Bureau, said Sunday that a warrant had been issued by the court for the arrest of Associate Professor Sawat Sangbangpla, former chairman of Chulalongkorn University's savings cooperatives, after complaints were lodged to the police by hundreds of people who claimed they were cheated of their investment money by the professor.

The victims placed their investments, amounting from one million baht up to 70 million baht, with the professor who reportedly invested in lottery quota purchases, in exchange for a monthly return for one percent of their investments.

They claimed that they received some monthly returns from the professor who eventually went missing with their investments.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

A 2-metre long cobra caught in a toilet seat

Rescue workers on Saturday caught a two-metre cobra from the toilet seat in a house in Pan Thong district of Chon Buri.

The rescue workers from a foundation were alerted by Ms Tanyarat Youngsook who said she went into the toilet in her parents' home in Tambon Pan Thong and found water in the toilet murky.

So she flushed the toilet with water and, to her shock, a snake emerged, prompting her to scream for help as she sprinted out of the toilet.

Rescue workers tried for about half an hour before they managed to catch the snake which was identified as a cobra, about two metres long.

It was not known how the cobra got into the toilet seat, but it was later released into the wilderness.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

Police nab a woman alleged to have duped 90 million baht from gold investors

An alleged trickster who reportedly cheated about 90 million baht in gold trading from dozens of gullible investors has been arrested by police.

The suspect, 32-year old Ms Ratchuda Thongyam, who lives in Tambon Khu Khod in Lam Lukka district of Pathum Thani, was presented to the media at a press conference held by the Central Investigation Bureau on Friday. She is facing public fraud charge.

Pol Maj-Gen Supaseth Chokechai, commander of technology crime division, said that police had received complaints from about 60 victims who claimed that they put their investments, estimated at about 90 million baht, with Ms Ratchuda who claimed in her Facebook page that she could acquire gold from gold shops at prices far below market prices.

The complainants said they had made biddings for gold, but never received any gold from Ms Ratchuda who reportedly claimed that she could not get hold of her gold suppliers.

The suspect reportedly told the police that she started the gold bidding business since last year and had actually delivered gold to some of her investors.

Gold biddings were held 4-5 times a day on her Facebook page and her investors were supposed to receive their gold 15-20 days after the biddings.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

Class action lawsuit filed against tour company and a landowner

A group of residents of a housing estate in Saphan Soong district in Bangkok has filed a class action lawsuit with the Nonthaburi provincial court on Thursday against a landowner and a tour company for allegedly causing hardship to them.

Mr Kraisak Karndee, a lawyer who represents the 13 residents of Prueksachart housing community in Ramkhamhaeng Soi 118, alleged that the landowner had leased a 177 square wah empty land plot in the community to a Chinese-controlled tour company.

The empty land plot has been turned into a car park for over a dozen of buses, passenger vans and private cars used to cater to Chinese tourists visiting Thailand.

In the lawsuit, the residents claimed that the vehicles kept coming into and leaving the car park around the clock, causing disturbance to their livelihoods.

They claimed that they used to lodge a complaint with the City Hall, but no action was taken against the tour company.

They demanded 333,333 baht in compensation plus another 50,000 baht per month from the company and landowner.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

Boda island official sacked for selling used tickets to tourists

A marine park official was fired and slapped with fraud charge after he was caught selling used entry tickets to tourists for visits to Boda island in the Nopparat Tara- Phi-Phi islands marine park.

Mr Chainarong Patan, an official attached to Boda island, was dismissed by Mr Sarayuth Tanthien, head of the Nopparat Tara-Phi-Phi islands marine park.

Sarayuth said Chainarong sold four used entry tickets for 1,600 baht to tourists during Songkran festival and kept the proceeds to himself instead of turning them to the park office.

He claimed that the suspect admitted to recycling the old entry tickets and keeping the proceeds for himself.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

Less trash during Songkran festival this year

Bangkok generated 10 percent less garbage during the April 13-15 Songkran festival averaging 8,000 tonnes a day instead of 10,000 tonnes partly because of increased public awareness with environment problem, said City Clerk Pattharut Tattranont on Monday.

On Khao Sarn road, a popular destination for Songkran revellers of both Thais and foreign tourists, he said that only 34 tonnes of garbage were collected during April 13-15 compared to 73.5 tonnes during the same period last year with most of the trash being drinking water bottles, water bowls and plastic cans.

On Silom road, another favourite spot for Songkran revelers, only 33.13 tonnes of garbage were generated compared to 73.19 tonnes during the same period last year.

The City Hall, led by Mr Pattharut, staged a big cleaning exercise on Monday on Khao Sarn road and its close vicinity in preparation for the first working day on Tuesday after a long Songkran holiday.

Business operators on Khao Sarn road and many volunteers joined the cleaning exercise.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

Spring Radio expects to resume airing as normal on Monday afternoon

The management of Spring Radio broadcasting station is due to meet with secretary-general of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) at about 10 am on Monday to discuss the temporary shutdown of the station.

Management of Spring Radio FM 98.5 MHz said in its webpage on Sunday evening that they expected to resume broadcasting as normal as of noon on Monday following the meeting with NBTC secretary-general Takorn Tanthasit.

Earlier Spring Radio management said in its Facebook page that the station was verbally notified by an official of the NBTC office at about 4.15 pm of April 13 to suspend its airing of news content and commercials except music as of 00.01 am of April 13 until midnight of April 17.

The official claimed that the suspension order came from NBTC secretary-general but he could not offer any clarification about the breaches allegedly committed by the station, said the management, adding that the official just told the station to send someone to meet the NBTC secretary-general on Monday.

Spring Radio management further said that they learned later on that the suspension order stemmed from complaints to the NBTC about certain aired programmes which were deemed inappropriate which might threaten national security and public order.

The station tried to contact several news sources to find out the truth about the blackout of the station, but to no avail, said the management.

The station had rechecked all its contents broadcasted in the past week and didn't find any of them which could be construed as threatening national security or public order, said the management, adding that the complaints against the station could be a smear campaign to discredit the station.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

Six executives of WealthEver Co turned themselves to the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) police today to give information on the business of their boss, Sinsae Shogun, after they are among the list of people suspected to be in connection with her mass marketing fraud.

The six persons were questioned by Royal Thai Police deputy commissioner Pol Gen Srivara Rangsiphramanakul.

The deputy police chief said they came to give information as witnesses because they also claimed to be damaged parties deceived by Shogun or Ms Pasit Arinchalaphit.

One of them Mrs Tanwalai Namkaew, a director of WealthEver, said she was persuaded to invest in the company through buying food supplements worth 8,340 baht with promise a free trip abroad if she paid additional 500 baht for membership fee.

She said she did get the free trips to Hong Kong and Japan but denied anything of the fake trip to Japan when over a thousand of people were stranded at Suvarnabhumi airport last week.

Until yesterday she still didn't get the food supplements although she had asked for it from her several times, but was told the merchandise has not yet arrived.

Pol Gen Srivara said initially the police would question all these company's directors as witnesses with no charge be brought against them.

He also said so far the police only imposed fraud charge on Shogun.

Sinsae Shogun was remanded to prison yesterday after the Criminal Court granted permission to have her detained for 12 more days police questioning.

Her lawyer did not apply bail for her reasoning that her assets and bank accounts were frozen.

Shogun was reportedly wept in tear while in prison worrying about her chest after she has just undergone a surgery to remove her breasts.

She needed to have her chest wound cleaned everyday after the surgery.

Yesterday she was escorted by officials from the Department of Corrections to the Central Women Correctional Institution for detention pending prosecution.

Central Investigation Bureau commissioner Pol. Lt. Gen. Suthin Sabpuang, meanwhile, revealed that the Anti-Money Laundering Office (AMLO) had contacted the bureau for financial evidence in the case so that a seizure of Shogun's assets can be made.

He stated that the CIB had already forwarded details connected to a condominium unit, automobiles and the suspects bank account books over to the AMLO.

Along with this , they have also handed over the names of more than 30 associates of the Shogun organization so that investigation can be extended and more charges can be imposed on her.

A fresh group of more than 100 victims yesterday came forward to file complaints. This brings the total of people filing complaints in the case to rise over 500.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)