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Benz Racing and two associates formally charged in Criminal Court

The public prosecutor formally charged in the Criminal Court Mr Akkarakit Worarotecharoendet, alias Benz Racing, and two associates with abetting drug trafficking and money laundering.

The two other individuals charged were Mr Sansern Rasanont and Ms Angsuporn Oom E-na.

According to the charge sheet, the prosecutor alleged that the three individuals and two others, Natthapol Narkkham and Chaiwat Choosai, who were already charged in two separate cases, colluded in supporting the trafficking in methamphetamine hydrochloride and helping in the laundering of drug money for Natthapol.

Akkarakit opened an account with Kasikorn Bank's Worachak branch while Sansern and Ms Angsuporn alsol opened separate accounts with the same bank to facilitate the laundering of money earned from drug trade.

The prosecutor alleged that during December 29, 2014 up to February 2017, about 11 million baht in cash were transferred into Akkarakit's bank account in 53 transfers. Akkarakit wired some of the money he received into the account of Ms Napapa Pa Tantrakul, his wife, on several occasions and he also spent some of the money he receieved to buy expensive cars and motorcycles.

Akkarakit, Sansern and Ms Angsuporn are scheduled to meet at the court on May 29 to be queried by the sitting judges.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

People will be given a say in 5 more computer-related laws

Five more laws related to the new computer crime act which came into force on Wednesday are awaiting to be promulgated but members of the public will be given a chance to give their inputs which will be considered and incorporated into the laws.

The Ministry of Digital Economy and Society has planned public hearings in five major provinces for public participation in the drafting process. The first hearing was held on Tuesday in Bangkok with the next four set for June 1 in Chon Buri, June 7 in Chiang Mai June 16 in Phuket and June 19 in Ubon Ratchathani. The five by-laws are expected to come into force on July 23.

Commenting on the new computer crime law and the planned Big Data centre, DE deputy permanent secretary Somsak Khaosuwan said that the law plug of the loopholes of the old law and would enable authorities concerned to deal with contents in the social media which are deemed illegal or improper.

He assured that the law and the Big Data centre would not be used to snoop on the people or to infringe on their privacy.

He clarified that authorities had no intention to punish any individuals who read posts which are deemed illegal or visit websites which are banned. Only those who shared the contents may face the punishment, he added.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

GLO to issue new lottery tickets

The Government Lottery Office is to issue new lottery tickets which will be more difficult for counterfeiting starting September 1, GLO director Maj-Gen Chalongrath Nark-arthit disclosed on Wednesday.

The new lottery tickets which will be priced at 80 baht apiece will feature new two-dimensional bar code that will be make it more difficult to counterfeit and buyers can check the authenticity of the tickets with QR reader application from their smart phones.

The new tickets will be smaller than the old ones with size 5.9 cm x 11.8 cm. There is one ticket priced at 80 baht instead of today's one pair of two attached tickets priced at 80 baht.

The GLO director said the GLO was pondering increasing the price of lottery tickets to 100 baht apiece instead of 80 baht apiece and, at the same time, increasing the rewards accordingly and that lottery tickets can be cashed at Krung Thai bank branches and postal offices instead of at the GLO office for public convenience.

Despite the new look tickets, the amount of rewards remain the same at 48 million baht in total for a set of lottery tickets which carry 14,168 prizes.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

Charge dropped against Pat

The Office of Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) has decided to drop charge of abetting money laundering against celebrity TV presenter Ms Napapa Pat Tantrakul in connection with the 1.9 million baht cash transferred to her bank account by her husband, Akkarakit Benz Racing Worarotecharoendet.

ONCB secretary-general Sirinya Sitthichai explained that the 1.9 million baht was not transferred to Pat in one lump sum which could be considered as money laundering but was wired to her bank account in small amounts on over 10 times.

The way the money was transferred to Ms Pat could be seen as financial support sent to her by her husband on different occasions because they had just been married, said Mr Sirinya.

He added that the ONCB had also cleared the couple of the charges related to drug trafficking.

However, he said it was clear from the evidences that Benz Racing was involved in money laundering because he received money from a drug suspect and laundered the money to buy property.

As for the 1.9 million baht in bank account, Mr Sirinya said the amount was being impounded.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

Officer fired and charged for letting two drug suspects escape from police station

A non-commissioned police officer of Pone Thong district police in Roi-et province was temporarily relieved of police service and charged with malfeasance for allowing two alleged drug suspects to escape from detention cell of the police station.

A CCTV system at the police station showed Pol Mst-Sgt Chalard Nan-udon opening the detention cell gate to let the two drug suspects, Surachai Poomipark and Surasak Kanthamat, to meet their girlfriends on Saturday evening. The two suspects then escaped with their girlfriends in waiting car.

Pol Col Pansak Uppapong, the police superintendent, said that visitors were not permitted to visit suspects after 5 pm, not even policemen who are not in charge of overseeing detained suspects.

He added that Chalard might know the two suspects because he used to work in narcotics suppression.

Chalard insisted that he had no intention to let the two suspects off the hook.

The two suspects were arrested on Friday on drug trafficking charges. They face an additional charge of escaping from detention whereas their girlfriends face charge of abetting their escape.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

Robbers steal 2.1 million baht from an ATM

Two robbers made off with 2.1 million baht after they injured a security and broke open an ATM located in the compound of a company on Petkasem road in Petchaburi province early Saturday morning.

The security guard of the SR Spinning Company in Tambon Ton Maphrao, Muang district, reportedly told police that at about 4 pm he heard a loud noise of something being sawn coming from an ATM of the Siam Commercial Bank and went to investigate.

He said he saw two masked men in the act of sawing a key on the back of the machine. Upon seeing him, one of the two robbers rushed to attack him with a knife, inflicting a cut in his hand while the other ordered him to stay still or be shot.

He went on saying that the two robbers then set fire to the ATM to break it open and grabbed the cash inside, amounting to 2.1 million baht.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

DSI seize 122 super cars in nine raids in Bangkok

A total of 122 super cars have been impounded by the Department of Special Investigation following coordinated raids of nine car showrooms and warehouses, especially the Niche Car Group, in Bangkok on Friday.

The impounding of the 122 luxury cars were announced at a press conference by justice deputy permanent secretary Pol Col Dusadee Arayawuth and DSI chief Pol Col Paisit Wongmuang.

Officials of the DSI split up to raid nine locations connected with import of luxury cars, including showrooms at Siam Paragon and Ekamai, Raminthra road and the residence of Mr Wittavat Choenbaramee of the Niche Car Group.

The cars impounded include Lamboghini, Ferrari and Lotus.

DSI deputy director-general Pol Lt-Col Korawat Parnprapakorn told the media that initial investigation findings showed that the Niche Group was linked to the grey market's import of luxury and super cars into the country.

He alleged that these importers falsified invoices that under-declared the actual prices of the cars by 10-18 million baht per unit in order to avoid paying full amount of import taxes if the actual prices were declared.

He said that, at this stage, it was not concluded whether there were any government officials involved in this tax illegal business.

It was noted that the raids came ahead of Niche Car Group's plan to hold an exhibition of second-hand super cars.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

Korea King suspends its TV advertisements

The importer and sole distributor of Korea King cooking pans has suspended its advertisements of the product in all TV channels following a decision of the Consumers Protection Committee to ban the advertisements.

Wizard Solution Company also promised to edit the content of its advertisements which were alleged to be overstated regarding the specifications and prices of the cooking pans.

The company expressed regret that the advertisements caused discomfort to the public and apologized for not making clear on several issues last week.

As for the quality of the cooking pans, the Diamond and Gold series, the company said it was confident that the products met the production standard of South Korea.

Regarding its product presenter, Mr Wutthitorn Woody Milinthachinda, the company said that the presenter was not a co-owner or a shareholder of the company. It offered an apology to Wutthitorn for the negative consequences.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)