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Vanta™ Element Handheld XRF Analyzer Offers Fast Material and Alloy Grade ID at an Affordable Price

Olympus Vanta Element

The new Olympus Vanta™ Element X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer

WALTHAM, Mass., Sept. 12, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The new Vanta Element X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer offers the essential features that the Vanta series is known for—speed, reliability, ruggedness, connectivity and smartphone-like ease of use—in a cost-effective model. Easy to learn, fast to use and weighing a slim 2.9 lb. (1.32 kg), the Vanta Element analyzer is up to the challenge of all day, high-throughput testing.

The Vanta Element analyzer offers speed and ease of use in a variety of testing environments, including scrap recycling and metal manufacturing. Users can obtain clear material and grade ID in seconds and compare alloy grades on the instrument’s screen. With a dual-core processor and powered by Olympus’ proven Axon Technology, the Vanta Element analyzer has the same stability and resolution as the rest of the Vanta series for rapid sorting and a fast ROI.

Built for use in demanding environments, Vanta Element analyzers are IP54 rated for resistance to dust and moisture and constructed to pass a 4-foot drop test (MIL-STD-810G) to help keep you working in case of an accidental drop or impact. For additional protection, a stainless steel faceplate is paired with a thick (50 µm) Kapton® window that can be easily attached and removed for toolless window changes in the field. If you work in hot or cold environments, you can count on the Vanta Element analyzer to perform continuously in temperatures from -10 °C to 45 °C (14 °F to 113 °F).

The analyzer’s ruggedness features are paired with optional wireless connectivity—connect to the Olympus Scientific Cloud for wireless data sharing and access to convenient fleet management tools, the Olympus mobile app or your network, helping future proof it for Industry 4.0. The analyzer also has an industrial 1 GB microSD card for storing results and two USB ports for easy data export. For added flexibility, the Vanta Element analyzer is compatible with accessories including the Vanta field stand, soil foot, probe shield and holster.

For more information about the Vanta Element handheld XRF analyzer or any of our other industrial solutions, visit www.olympus-ims.com.

About Olympus
Olympus is a global technology leader, crafting innovative optical and digital solutions in medical technologies; life sciences; industrial solutions; and cameras and audio products. Throughout our nearly 100-year history, Olympus has focused on being true to society and making people’s lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling.

Our Industrial Solutions Business is committed to the safety and betterment of society through the pioneering, development and manufacture of world-leading test and measurement solutions. These solutions are used in industrial and research applications ranging from aerospace, power generation, petrochemical, civil infrastructure, automotive and consumer products. For more information, visit https://www.olympus-ims.com.

Olympus…True to You. True to Society. True to LIFE.

Olympus is a registered trademark, and Vanta, Axon Technology, and the Olympus Scientific Cloud are trademarks of Olympus Corporation.

Kapton is a trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

microSD is a trademark of SD-3C, LLC.

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Philips showcases integrated radiation oncology portfolio to provide a confident path to treatment at ASTRO 2019

September 12, 2019

IntelliSpace Radiation Oncology combines all the steps of the radiotherapy department’s workflow into one platform

Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Chicago, U.S. – Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA), a global leader in health technology, will showcase its integrated radiation oncology portfolio at the American Society of Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) annual meeting (15-18 September in Chicago, U.S.). Visitors to the Philips booth (#3642) will experience Philips IntelliSpace Radiation Oncology [1], an intelligent patient management solution to manage complexity, improve efficiency and enable operational excellence in radiotherapy departments. The company will also highlight its Pinnacle Evolution treatment planning software, as well as its broad portfolio of connected oncology solutions designed to help health systems achieve the Quadruple Aim: an improved experience for patients and staff, better health outcomes and a lower cost of care.

As the number of new cancer cases continues to rise [2], it is essential that care teams have access to integrated oncology solutions across all phases of oncology care to enable a more precise diagnosis, personalized therapy selection and execution, and better outcomes. Radiotherapy processes in particular can be fragmented and inefficient. By reducing uncertainties along the way, care teams can deliver seamless, targeted therapy for each individual patient.

“While significant strides have been made in oncology over the past decade, treating cancer is more complex than ever before – especially for radiotherapy, due to the number of clinical specialists and advanced technologies required to deliver effective care,” said Ardie Ermers, General Manager Radiation Oncology, Philips. “At Philips, we’re focused on delivering intelligent, integrated oncology solutions to help improve outcomes across multiple disciplines and clinical settings.”

IntelliSpace Radiation Oncology [1], the latest addition to Philips’ renewed suite of radiation oncology systems and software, provides a harmonized way of working, integrating applications from partners including MIM Software Inc and Sun Nuclear, and automating workflow to help reduce the amount of time it takes from receiving a patient referral to the start of their treatment. In addition, Philips’ recently launched Radiation Oncology Practice Management [1], a consultancy service to help radiotherapy departments capitalize on the insights and workflow improvement opportunities presented by the platform.

The South West Wales Cancer Centre (SWWCC) in the UK is among the first partner sites that will implement Philips IntelliSpace Radiation Oncology and associated practice management solutions. “This new solution should help our patients directly by improving their experience and decreasing their time to treatment,” said Dr. Russell Banner, Clinical Oncologist and Radiotherapy Lead at the SWWCC. “Furthermore, it will allow us to manage our workflows within our department, seeing where patients are within the often complex treatment pathways.”

Imaging plays a critical role in understanding tumor characteristics, increasing accuracy of therapy delivery, and better assessing patient response to treatment. On-site this year, Philips will feature Pinnacle Evolution, the latest generation of the Philips Pinnacle treatment planning software, as well as several imaging systems, including Philips’ dedicated oncology CT simulator, Big Bore RT, as well as the Ingenia Elition 3.0T MR-RT and Ambition 1.5T MR-RT systems.

Philips’ end-to-end oncology solutions
Philips’ radiation oncology portfolio complements the company’s IntelliSpace Precision Medicine oncology solutions portfolio, which integrates diagnostics and therapy selection to drive clinical, operational and financial benefits for healthcare providers. The company’s oncology solutions portfolio includes:

  • Oncology Pathways – high-quality, detailed, evidence-based oncology treatment protocols powered by Dana-Farber, allowing clinical users to navigate through the branches of pathways to make clinical decisions and provide treatment plan recommendations, including clinical trials.
  • Oncology Platform [3] – a comprehensive platform for use in multi-disciplinary (and molecular) tumor board meetings, which integrates data from hospital information systems across different clinical domains including radiology, pathology, and genomics, to enable a detailed view of the patient and care path to facilitate cross-disciplinary collaboration and communication.
  • Pathology – Philips’ IntelliSite Pathology Solution, the first FDA-approved digital pathology solution to be marketed for primary diagnostic use to reduce pressure on pathology services by streamlining workflows and extending collaboration to help increase diagnostic confidence.
  • Genomics [3] – an end-to-end precision medicine platform that automates pathologists’ workflows through collaboration with oncologists and peers, enabling genomic interpretation and therapy recommendation based on a single, comprehensive patient view, which also includes OncoSignal [4] signaling pathway activity analysis to reveal tumor-driving mechanisms.

For more information about Philips’ presence at ASTRO 2019 visit the Philips event website and follow @PhilipsLiveFrom for updates throughout #ASTRO19.

[1] IntelliSpace Radiation Oncology and Radiation Oncology Practice Management are considered works in progress and are not available for sale.
[2] The number of new cancer cases expected to rise by an estimated 70% over the next two decades. WHO cancer fact sheet No 297. Updated February 2015 http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs297/en/.
[3] Not available for sale in all countries.
[4] For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

For further information, please contact:

Kathy O’Reilly
Philips Global Press Office
Tel.: +1 978 221 8919
E-mail: kathy.oreilly@philips.com

Twitter: @kathyoreilly

Mark Groves
Philips Global Press Office
Tel.: +31 631 639 916
Email: mark.groves@philips.com

Twitter: @mark_groves

About Royal Philips

Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA) is a leading health technology company focused on improving people’s health and enabling better outcomes across the health continuum from healthy living and prevention, to diagnosis, treatment and home care. Philips leverages advanced technology and deep clinical and consumer insights to deliver integrated solutions. Headquartered in the Netherlands, the company is a leader in diagnostic imaging, image-guided therapy, patient monitoring and health informatics, as well as in consumer health and home care. Philips generated 2018 sales of EUR 18.1 billion and employs approximately 78,000 employees with sales and services in more than 100 countries. News about Philips can be found at www.philips.com/newscenter.


Captain Tsubasa ZERO -Miracle Shot-

Captain Tsubasa ZERO -Miracle Shot-

On September 12, Captain Tsubasa ZERO -Miracle Shot- Begins Global Distribution! “Release Celebration Campaign” Begins!

“Captain Tsubasa ZERO -Miracle Shot-“

”Captain Tsubasa ZERO -Miracle Shot-” Begins Global Distribution!

TOKYO, Sept. 12, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — On Thursday, September 12, GMO Internet, Inc. (hereinafter “GMO Internet”) has started distributing “Captain Tsubasa ZERO -Miracle Shot-“, the global version of a real-time football simulation RPG for smartphones “Captain Tsubasa ZERO -Miracle Shot-” (hereinafter “Captain Tsubasa ZERO”) in over 100 regions and countries.

Banner: https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/f8ac91bf-7377-485a-b054-145c86c09294



Introducing the game!
Captain Tsubasa ZERO -Miracle Shot- is a real-time soccer simulation RPG in which the world of the latest TV anime “Captain Tsubasa” is completely reproduced. Use familiar characters in the anime such as “Tsubasa Ozora”, “Kojiro Hyuga”, “Schneider”, “Diaz” and “Pierre” to form your own original dream team!

First, obtain players!
You can get players via free Transfer that you can use once a day or by consuming in-game currencies you can get by advancing the stories that relive the world of the TV anime! Various attack skills or defense skills can be set to each player, which is one of the important key elements for winning in a match. There are also skills exclusive for certain players and familiar special moves in the anime can be unleashed!

Photo 1: https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/e70f59b2-3b54-44f3-a198-90d832fb92d1

App Store

Set players obtained into a team!
Once you obtain players, set them to build a team! You can select a formation such as the “3-5-2” and the “4-3-3” in Team Formation. You can build an aggressive team, a team focusing on defense or any team that suits your strategy! Not familiar with formations? No worries! An auto-formation feature helps you to build up one.

Photo 2: https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/ffafa688-28a0-4907-b373-ed4b72126aff

Have a game with your team!
Once you form a team, you are now ready to have a game! Your players run around on the field on themselves following the director’s (i.e. your) directions!

You can execute a miracle shot when the gauge is filled as a game progresses! The more the gauge is filled the more chains performed. Choose an advantageous player over the opponent keeper to execute the shot and you’ll have a better chance of scoring!!

Photo 3: https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/eb43820c-91be-402c-b057-ba2e4db0cfb5

Story mode lets you re-experience the exciting story of the original anime.
The story of the latest anime is reproduced in the story mode! With a game with familiar teams in the TV anime, relive famous scenes!

Photo 4: https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/13e25744-f307-4a54-99c7-4e1fa9c3fd99

Google Play

Events and more!
Content including original events for the game, side stories that were not told in the TV anime, League where players can test out their own abilities and many more!!

[1] “Release Celebration Up To 300 Free Draw Transfer” held!

Photo 5: https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/e1b1702f-fee9-4160-a343-3eafdcd5b71e

[Campaign Period]
After the global release until Friday, November 1, 4:59 (JST)

”Release Celebration Up To 300 Free Draw Transfer” begins, where users can perform free 10x Transfer once daily. Users can use the transfer 30 days, meaning that they can draw the Transfer up to 300 times in total(*1). Log in every day and get the most out of this maximum of 300x(*2) Transfer! Please see News in the app for more details.

(*1) By logging in 30 days and performing the transfer, you can draw up to 300 free Transfers in total.
(*2) The transfer resets at 5 am every day (JST)

[2] “Release Celebration Transfer” starts!

Photo 6: https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/b59b3f5a-3cc5-43c9-83be-011cb3cd104d

[Campaign Period]

After the global release until Wednesday, September 25 at 13:59 (JST)

In “Release Celebration Transfer”, the drop chances are increased for “All-Japan (Jr. Youth) Tsubasa Ozora” and “All-Japan (Jr. Youth) Taro Misaki”. By setting those two players in the same team, Skill Power of each player increases, plus they have “Special Trait” that raises Skill Power depending on the number of Jr. Youth midfielders set on the appropriate position. Further, there is a possibility to obtain players belonging to foreign teams including 3 stars “Hamburg Karl Heinz Schneider” and ” Hamburg Genzo Wakabayashi”.

In addition, every three times users perform 10x Transfer, they get one free 10x Transfer. There is also one-time-only 10x Transfer for paid Gems that guarantees more than one 3 stars players appear.

Photo 7: https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/b051145e-c760-4e89-bc48-4772cea72473


*Screenshots used in this document were taken when the app was still under development.
Some features may differ from the actual services.

*App Store is trademark of Apple Inc.
*Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc.
*All other company names and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective owners.

GMO Internet Group
GMO Internet, Inc. (TSE: 9449) is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. For more information, please visit https://www.gmo.jp/en/

Contact Info Regarding the Service
GMO Internet, Inc.
Game Division

Vista Global Brings Fastest In-Flight Connectivity to Private Aviation

Revolutionary LuxStream connectivity service will be available across the Vista Global worldwide fleet of 116 aircraft

  • Game-changing development for Vista Global Members’ in-flight experience
  • Unprecedented 25 megabits per second across the US; 15 megabits per second globally
  • As the launch partner, Vista Global is further driving innovative technology in the private aviation industry

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Sept. 12, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Vista Global, the group simplifying private aviation, announces a revolutionary technology partnership with Collins Aerospace Systems that will provide private aviation customers with the fastest broadband speeds available. This is a further demonstration of Vista Global bringing the latest and most innovative technology to market and driving radical technological change across the private aviation industry.

Vista Global
Vista Global_In Flight Connectivity

Vista Global In-Flight Connectivity

The ground-breaking agreement will see LuxStream connectivity services fitted across Vista Global’s fleet of 116 owned aircraft, including both the VistaJet and XO brands, offering customers unrivaled digital connectivity. LuxStream will be integrated first across the 36 Global business jets operating under the VistaJet brand.

Thomas Flohr, Founder and Chairman of Vista Global, commented:

“LuxStream marks Vista Global’s latest move to disrupt and drive forward the aviation industry. The service will completely revolutionize what it means to stay connected with the outside world during a flight, providing our customers with a level of broadband speed that matches the connectivity they expect on land. LuxStream’s unrivalled speed puts the power of connection in our Members’ hands, ensuring a seamless and smooth continuation of their business and family life whilst in the air, staying one step ahead of today’s world.”

The LuxStream system will offer future and existing VistaJet and XO Members unparalleled digital connectivity services whilst in-flight and allow them and their guests:

  • 24/7 digital connectivity in-flight with the ability for simultaneous streaming of ultra HD content and access to their full-suite of connected devices;
  • A unique service offering the highest in-flight bandwidth available; up to 25 Mbps in the United States and 15 Mbps globally.

Vista Global has had a long and trusted relationship with Collins Aerospace, a unit of United Technology Corporation, a leader in airborne connectivity solutions, and Vista Global Members will benefit from the full experience that Collins brings with their renowned service and support network. The LuxStream network is operated by SES, the world’s leading satellite operator with over 70 satellites in two different orbits, Geostationary Orbit (GEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO), with a proven-track record of investment in pioneering satellites and related technology.

Thomas Flohr
Thomas Flohr_Founder & Chairman_Vista Global

Thomas Flohr, Founder and Chairman, Vista Global

This is the latest milestone in a busy 12 months for Vista Global, in which the Group has achieved a number of industry defining milestones including the launch of XO, the global private aviation marketplace, following the major acquisitions of JetSmarter, an industry-disrupting technology platform, and XOJET, the leading On Demand business aviation company in the US.

About Vista Global
Vista Global Holding provides worldwide business flight services. A global group headquartered at the DIFC in Dubai, Vista Global integrates a unique portfolio of companies offering asset-light services to cover all key aspects of business aviation: guaranteed and On Demand global flight coverage; aircraft leasing and finance; and cutting-edge aviation technology. The group’s mission is to lead the change to provide customers with the most advanced flying services and the very best value, anytime, anywhere around the world. Vista Global’s knowledge and understanding of all facets of the industry deliver the best end-to-end offering and technology to any business aviation customer, through its VistaJet and XO branded services.
More Vista Global information and news at vistaglobal.com

About VistaJet
VistaJet is the first and only global aviation company. On its fleet of over 70 silver and red business jets, VistaJet has flown corporations, governments and private clients to 187 countries, covering 96% of the world. Founded in 2004 by Thomas Flohr, the company pioneered an innovative business model where customers have access to an entire fleet whilst paying only for the hours they fly, free of the responsibilities and asset risks linked to aircraft ownership. VistaJet’s signature Program membership offers customers a bespoke subscription of flight hours on its fleet of mid and long-range jets, to fly them anytime, anywhere. Customers can also request Direct one-off flights through the industry’s first end-to-end booking app or a 24/7 global team.

VistaJet Global 6000

VistaJet Global 6000

VistaJet is part of Vista Global Holding – the world leader in business flight solutions, integrating a unique portfolio of companies offering asset light solutions to cover all key aspects of business aviation.
More VistaJet information and news at vistajet.com

About XO
XO is the first global digital marketplace for private aviation. The centralized platform combines the trusted operational and customer-centric expertise of XOJET with the speed and convenience of technology originally developed by JetSmarter.
All private aviation customers can instantly request a flight or book a seat on the XO app or online, with access to thousands of private jets across all categories, from light, midsize, super-midsize and long-range aircraft. XO Members can also benefit from preferential pricing and guaranteed access, and receive 24/7 assistance from XO’s Aviation Advisors.
More XO information and news at flyxo.com

XOJET is a leading US based FAA licensed Part 135 carrier operating more than 40 business jets and runs through its direct subsidiaries one of the biggest exclusive corporate shuttle networks in the US with more than 200,000 annual passengers. XOJET Aviation LLC is majority controlled by US Investors with Vista Global holding a non-controlling minority interest.

About Collins Aerospace
Collins Aerospace Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX), is a leader in technologically advanced and intelligent solutions for the global aerospace and defense industry. Created in 2018 by bringing together UTC Aerospace Systems and Rockwell Collins, Collins Aerospace has the capabilities, comprehensive portfolio and expertise to solve customers’ toughest challenges and to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving global market. For more information, visit CollinsAerospace.com

About United Technologies Corporation
United Technologies Corp., based in Farmington, Connecticut, provides high-technology systems and services to the building and aerospace industries. By combining a passion for science with precision engineering, the company is creating smart, sustainable solutions the world needs. For more information about the company, visit our website at utc.com or follow us on Twitter: @UTC.

About SES
SES is the world’s leading satellite operator with over 70 satellites in two different orbits, Geostationary Orbit (GEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO). It provides a diverse range of customers with global video distribution and data connectivity services through two business units: SES Video and SES Networks. SES Video reaches over 355 million TV homes, through Direct-to-Home (DTH) platforms and cable, terrestrial, and IPTV networks globally. SES Video delivers a full suite of innovative end-to-end value-added services for both linear and digital distribution, and includes the ASTRA satellite system, which has the largest DTH television reach in Europe. SES Networks provides global managed data services, connecting people in a variety of sectors including telecommunications, maritime, aeronautical, and energy, as well as governments and institutions across the world. The SES Networks portfolio includes GovSat, a 50/50 public-private partnership between SES and the Luxembourg government, and O3b, the only non-geostationary system delivering fibre-like broadband services today. Further information is available at: ses.com

Vista Global                                     

Photos accompanying this announcement are available at:


Reports of China’s Repression in Xinjiang ‘100 Percent True’: Jordanian Journalist

A Jordanian journalist who traveled to northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) found reports by the international media about Beijing’s repressive policies targeting ethnic Uyghurs to be 100 percent true, and warned that the situation is feeding extremism within the community.

Nihad Jariri visited the XUAR for three weeks in July to get a more realistic perspective on life in the region, where authorities are believed to have held more than 1.5 million Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities accused of harboring strong religious views and politically incorrect in a vast network of internment camps since April 2017.

The freelance reporter traveled on a tourist visa to avoid state-assigned handlers who prevent members of the media from speaking with residents outside of government-orchestrated events featuring Uyghurs and officials professing their loyalty to the ruling Communist Party.

While Beijing initially denied the existence of the camps, China this year changed tack and began describing the facilities as boarding schools that provide vocational training for Uyghurs, discourage radicalization, and help protect the country from terrorism.

China recently organized two visits to monitor internment camps in the XUARone for a small group of foreign journalists, and another for diplomats from non-Western countries, including Russia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, and Thailandduring which officials dismissed claims about mistreatment and poor conditions in the facilities as slanderous lies.

But reporting by RFA’s Uyghur Service and other media outlets suggest that those in the camps are detained against their will and subjected to political indoctrination, routinely face rough treatment at the hands of their overseers, and endure poor diets and unhygienic conditions in the often overcrowded facilities.

Upon her arrival in the XUAR capital Urumqi, Jariri said her first 24 hours were shocking, because everything she experienced seemed to contradict reports about the camps and other abuses in the region.

I thought that everything I read and saw on the news, based on the people around me, was not entirely true [and that] maybe there’s another story to this [situation], she said.

That’s the most dangerous thing about this issue for a tourist or a first time visitor life seems so normal, and even happy The streets are so wide and so clean, and people are always well-dressed, and that was so refreshing.

But Jariri said that her impression quickly changed when she asked to visit a mosque to pray.

That’s when I started to see the bitterness and the acting and the suffering that these people have to endurethey suffer in silence, she said.

Uyghurs that she asked about a mosque became tense, according to Jariri, who said they indicated to her that the buildings were either closed for repairs or only for a couple of minutes at a timenot even enough time to enter and pray.

When she did find a mosque to visit, she was required to pass through a checkpoint in front of the entrance that scanned her face and brought up her identification documents, before indicating to a guard whether or not she could pass.

The prayer area was cordoned [off] I had a friend [with me] who asked the guards if I could pray but they became very tense and she was not permitted to do so.

Jariri said she had a similar experience after entering Id Kah mosque in the seat of Kashgar (in Chinese, Kashi) prefecture, when she was prevented from praying by guards there.

Honestly, I was terrified, she said.

Other incidents

Other incidents in Kashgar city further confirmed her suspicions that Uyghurs face severe restrictions in their daily lives.

At one point, while visiting an area of Kashgar’s historic Old City district, which has been largely razed by authorities, Jariri was alarmed by loud sirens, which her Uyghur companions informed her are sounded every day by police to warn the evil people.

Later, she went to Kashgar’s Kona Sheher (Shufu) county to meet a Uyghur translator who was forbidden from leaving the area and was forced to exit her taxi and submit to a facial scan and questioning by police officers upon her arrival.

When she was eventually allowed to continue on her way, she contacted the translator to cancel their meeting, fearing that he could be put at risk, but he insisted that they proceed with their plans to have lunch together.

In less than an hour there were six police officers outside the restaurant who took his mobile and read our conversation on [messaging app] WeChat, which devastated me, she said.

The officers, who were both Han Chinese and Uyghur, tried to send her back to her hotel, but she protested, saying they had plans to visit a local park.

They said, ‘not today, because the park is closed,’ and they put me in a car that from the outside looked like a taxi, but on the inside was nothing like onethere was no meter, no [payment system], and no ID for the driver, and no cameras, she said.

The driver drove very fast and did not stop at any checkpoint until he dropped me off at the hotel.

‘Virtual prison’

Jariri said that after the incident in Kona Sheher county, she came to realize that the XUAR is one big virtual prison.

We talk about the [internment camps], but there is one gigantic prison that is called Xinjiang and within it there are smaller virtual prisons, she said, noting that Uyghurs regularly have their movements restricted to certain areas in the region and cannot apply for passports to leave the country without special permission.

But as a member of the media, speaking with Uyghurs to get a sense of what life is like for them in the XUAR is usually impossible, according to Jariri, because you are most likely with a government guide, so you don’t get to ask questions.

Traveling in the region as a tourist gave her the freedom to interact with Uyghurs without a handler, she said, and those she spoke with confirmed that whatever stories we hear from outside sources are 100 percent true.

When you hear the same thing [from people with] no communication [with the outside world], you realize that there is nothing misleading or being misinterpreted [in the reports], she said. These stories happenthey are true.

Jariri said that policies in the XUAR are not only aimed at undermining the religious traditions of the Uyghurs, but erasing [their] entire identity and assimilat[ing] them into the Chinese culture.

But oppressive security measures in the region have created a suffocating situation to the extent that it will backfire, she said.

The situation the Chinese government is creating in the region actually is making people think of [separatism], she said. They’re creating a new culture of extremism.

Copyright (copyright) 1998-2016, RFA. Used with the permission of Radio Free Asia, 2025 M St. NW, Suite 300, Washington DC 20036

Hun Sen Gains Laos’ Support in Preventing Sam Rainsy Return to Cambodia

In a meeting of prime ministers Wednesday, Cambodia’s Hun Sen appeared to eliminate neighboring Laos as a potential route by which self-exiled opposition leader Sam Rainsy could return to Cambodia as he has pledged to do in November.

Laos’ Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith met with Hun Sen in Phnom Penh during a state visit, and the two agreed to work together on several issues, including to peacefully resolve an ongoing border dispute.

Hun Sen spoke of the possibility of Laos allowing Sam Rainsy, acting president of the now-banned Cambodia National Rescue Party, to return to Cambodia through Laos, saying he did not believe that the Lao side would use this as a bargaining chip. But he did ask the Lao prime minister to clarify his country’s position regarding the possibility.

I want his excellency to clarify Laos’ policy on not allowing someone to use Lao territory to attack Cambodia or other countries, he said.

Hun Sen added that Thailand had already agreed to arrest the exiled opposition leader should he attempt to return through Thai territory.

Thongloun Sisoulith said through a translator that any individual wanting to use Laos against other countries would face legal consequences.

If any convicted person crosses Laos, regardless of nationality, we will take strict measures against them, said Thongloun Sisoulith.

We will strictly enforce this for our friends in Cambodia, he said.

Appeal to Malaysia’s Mahathir

Thongloun Sisoulith’s visit comes one week after Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad concluded a visit to Cambodia.

During that visit, Mahathir addressed students at the Royal University of Phnom Penh in front of an audience of hundreds.

The Khmer Times reported that one student asked if Cambodia should try to adopt Western-style democracy or its own version.

Mahathir said Cambodia should adopt only the aspects of Western democracy with which it is compatible.

Speaking specifically about adopting from the United States, Mahathir said, [Democracy] is older than the American civilization. America is a very young country compared to Cambodia.

So why are you not proud of your own culture? Your own ways of living, of thinking? he added.

Sometimes you copy them, which is okay if the things are good. I think the systems of government and democracy, for example, are very good. We should copy that, said Mahathir.

During the three-day visit, Mahathir also signed two MOUs with Prime Minister Hun Sen and they issued a joint statement expressing satisfaction on the growing friendship and cooperation of the two countries.

Sam Rainsy took the opportunity presented by the visit to send a letter commending Mahathir for sharing his wisdom and asking for Malaysia’s support for the reinstatement of the CNRP as a legitimate political party in Cambodia.

Appreciating the role of Malaysia as a signatory of the Paris Peace Accords and the founding documents of ASEAN, we warmly encourage You, Honourable Prime Minister, to invest all efforts in helping to facilitate a dialogue between the government authorities and the opposition CNRP leaders aimed at national reconciliation, stability and prosperity within the framework of our constitutional liberal democracy, said the CNRP’s acting president.

Sam Rainsy told RFA’s Khmer Service he also sent similar letters to the other signatories of the Paris Peace Accord, but did not elaborate.

The Paris Peace Agreements ended war between Vietnam and Cambodia in 1991 and led to the U.N.’s administration of Cambodia’s government while the country transitioned to a system of democratic elections.

Copyright (copyright) 1998-2016, RFA. Used with the permission of Radio Free Asia, 2025 M St. NW, Suite 300, Washington DC 20036