Day: October 10, 2021

Philippine Presidential Hopefuls Launch Campaign to Replace Duterte

MANILA — Surrounded by a sea of supporters wearing pink — her campaign’s color — shirts and waving ribbons, Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo last week made her way to register and formalize her bid for the country’s presidency as the country prep…

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South Korea’s Ruling Party Nominates Maverick Politician in Race

SEOUL — South Korea’s ruling liberal party on Sunday nominated its candidate for next year’s presidential elections, selecting a maverick politician known for his outspoken views who is currently the race’s front-runner.Lee Jae-myung’s nomination as th…

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China, Taiwan Trade Barbed Statements over Future of Island Territory

WASHINGTON — China and Taiwan traded barbed comments Sunday over the future of the island territory, with Beijing pressing for reunification and Taipei engaging in a rare display of its military capabilities after months of Chinese overflights.Taiwan P…

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