A baby’s body was found abandoned in the SAT boxing stadium construction building.

Found the body of a male baby. Left behind within the Sports Authority of Thailand No traces of harm were found. Doctors estimated that he would die in at least 5 hours.

Police were notified that the body of a newborn baby had been discarded. Within the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT), Hua Mak Subdistrict, Bang Kapi District, Bangkok, therefore, traveled to inspect the scene along with officials of the Por Tek Tung Foundation and doctors at Rama Hospital.

The scene of the incident was a boxing stadium construction building on the second floor that was a hall. Found a bag of fertilizer, inside was a pair of socks and the body of a male baby. There is an amniotic sac attached to the baby's umbilical cord. Upon inspection, no traces of abuse were found. From the preliminary autopsy Doctors confirmed that he had died no more than 5-6 hours ago.

Police initially collected evidence at the scene. Ready to interrogate the person who found the body Including the construction workers of the said building who are missing. Or during this period, is there anyone who is interested? Including the surrounding community and check CCTV cameras near the scene of the incident to hasten to find the baby's parents. or the person who threw the child away In order to bring the person to be prosecuted according to the law. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency