A mischievous monkey steals a mobile phone and flees to higher ground. The owner climbed up and snatched it back.


Chachoengsao, Warning for naughty monkeys! A 17-year-old boy had his mobile phone stolen by a monkey. climb up the high roof He climbed up and snatched it back until he almost fainted. Late last night (June 14) in the multi-purpose dome area. Opposite Tha Sa-an Temple School, Village No. 5, Tha Sa-an Subdistrict, Bang Pakong District, Chachoengsao Province. The owner of the phone is Mr. Weeraphong, 17 years old, lying exhausted on the 12-meter high dome roof after climbing up and trying to take his cell phone back from him. a monkey Rescue workers climbed up to help. Then a cable car was brought in to support Mr. Wiraphong's body. come down safely before being taken to the hospital Ms. Benjawan, 41 years old, Mr. Weeraphong's mother, said that her son came to play football at the Dome with his friends. Then he put his cell phone away. Suddenly, a monkey secretly climbed down from the dome roof and snatched the cell phone and climbed away on the dome roof. The son hurriedly climbed up to snatch it back, but was unsuccessful, so he climbed down and climbed up again. When he arrived, he saw his son on the roof in an exhausted state, so he hurriedly called the front office. As for the monkey in question, he was holding his son's phone on the other side. So he told her husband to call his son's phone. Startling the monkey, he threw the phone to the ground. It was found that some parts were bitten and damaged. But what was shocking was how the son climbed up because the dome was so high. Source: Thai News Agency