A young woman is shocked when a young man slaps her in front of a movie theater. Warning for talking loudly

Girl is frightened! Got caught and slapped by a young man in front of the movie theater Throwing mobile phone Dissatisfied with being warned not to make loud noises in the movie theater Intimidating knowing a lot of big people. The police can't do anything.

Last evening, Ms. Cher Namsamat, 27 years old, and Miss Wan Namsamtam, 26 years old, both regular employees of a company, came out to complain to reporters. After being assaulted by a man and destroy property until receiving damage Even though we had never known each other before. The incident happened in front of the movie theater. Inside a department store Along Sukhumvit Road, Si Racha District, Chonburi Province

The victim said that at 7:45 p.m. on September 9, 2023, he went to watch a movie in the department store's movie theater. While watching a movie There was a group of 3 men and women (1 man, 2 women) talking loudly from behind. By talking loudly for more than half an hour So I decided to turn around and tell him to tone it down a bit. But the men cursed and returned with vulgar words. Along with using his foot to kick the front seat and speaking threateningly, both of them saw that the posture was not good. So I chose to be quiet. As the movie was about to end, the man got up and left about 15 minutes before the movie ended. As for the two of them, as soon as the movie ended, they hurriedly walked out. But while walking to get off the elevator such a man Standing and waiting in front of the movie theater Came in to talk about a problem. Both of them tried to explain. and don't want to have an affair But the man refused to stop. He pushed Ms. Cher until she fell. Ms. Wan tried to push the man away. But he was s lapped until he fell and kicked again. before a good citizen came to help

The victim continued that When he himself called to inform the police His mobile phone was snatched and thrown on the ground. The perpetrator also threatened that he knew a lot of big people. The police can't do anything. At that time, I admitted that I was helpless and very afraid, so I decided to raise my hands and apologize. To end all problems Before they dispersed, after leaving the mall, they hurriedly drove straight to Laem Chabang Police Station to report the incident to the police. But out of fear of being unsafe Because he was threatened that he would come back and take action again. And was afraid of not being treated fairly, so he filed a complaint with the reporter

Source: Thai News Agency