All 8 police officers under “Big Joke” have been detained.

Pol. Lt. Gen. Trirong," head of the PCT police team, revealed that he has detained 8 police officers and subordinates of "Big Joke" and confirmed the search and arrest of an online gambling website network in his home. “Big Joke” follows legal procedures Not afraid of being sued

Pol. Lt. Gen. Trairong Phewphan, Commander of the Legal and Litigation Office As the head of the PCT, the police revealed that so far officers have been able to arrest 17 suspects from 23 arrest warrants, including 8 officers, all of whom have been detained. There are only 6 civilians left who are being tracked down. In this case, the investigation and the case are under his responsibility. Metropolitan Police Division 5 because the case has been reported to Thung Maha Mek Police Station At the end of July Then investigate Gathering evidence took more than 2 months before submitting to the court to request 23 arrest warrants, leading to the expansion of search results to 30 target areas this morning (25 Sept. 2023). As for whether bail will be granted or not, it has not yet been determined. I know because it is a matter for the investigative team of the 5th Precinct to consider whether to grant bail during the investigation or not.

Police Lieutenant General Trirong Still confident in the evidence This is because there is evidence since requesting the court to issue an arrest warrant for all 23 suspects and the case is still unknown. Pol. Gen. Surachet Hakphan, Deputy Police Commander, came out in an interview that The search warrant did not specify details, but it was confirmed that the request for the search warrant was in accordance with police procedures in accordance with the law. An arrest warrant was requested to prosecute 23 offenders. Once an arrest warrant was obtained, a search had to be carried out. and went to ask for a search warrant to track down the accused which was able to track down and arrest the accused in front of the house at the search point

However, when asked about not seeing it as a home Pol. Gen. Surachet, right? Pol. Lt. Gen. Trirong stated that the operation was in accordance with the law. Emphasize that the pursuit and arrest of the accused You must request a search warrant for the accused's residence. It is considered normal practice. As for the search warrant, do you like it or not? Does it depend on the correctness of the process? In principle, requesting a search warrant to track down the accused according to the arrest warrant According to the information from the investigative department It is normal practice. and can also arrest the accused It is assumed that the police who went to request a search warrant had reliable information.

Police Lieutenant General Trirong Explain further that A normal search warrant must identify only the owner of the property. or possessor But as far as I know from the investigation department It was found that the house had many people coming in and out. Therefore specified as specified. Ready to admit that The house is not named. Pol. Gen. Surachet is the owner, but would like to focus on that Will this search be able to arrest the accused or not?

In this case, if Pol. Gen. Surachet A legal team will be set up to sue. Police Lieutenant General Trirong said that the police's operations were in accordance with the law. It is the right of those who have suffered damage from the performance of their duties as a police officer. But personally confirm that Work is performed according to correct procedures.

As for Pol. Gen. Surachet, he stated that this search and arrest was due to politics in the Royal Thai Police. Police Lieutenant General Trirong said he was not aware of the issue. Probably unable to give an opinion. and he himself can only give information regarding the investigation and arrest. -Thai news agency

Source: Thai News Agency