Apple seems to stand by its decision of not fulfilling the demand of an F.B.I

An Apple seems to be in a Conflict with F.B.I

In the United states, the conflict of F.B.I and Apple has been in the limelight since the F.B.I asked the Apple to help in cracking an encrypted iPhone that was used by the San Bernardino Shooters, but the aggressive stance of the Apple CEO Tim Cook does not seem to comply with the F.B.I’s request and that seems that the tension of these two prominent organizations in the United States will go a long way. Although the CEO Tim Cook of an Apple has his serious reservations to helping out the F.B.I for cracking up an encrypted iPhone, which was used in the San Bernardino attack, but the Apple cannot name this demand of an F.B.I as totally illegal.

F.B.I’s demand can also not be overlooked

The F.B.I’s demand to help it out in order to get some informative evidences by cracking up encrypted iPhone from the Apple seems justifiable to the extent of reaching the actual culprits of the San Bernardino incident. This is what which the Apple should also understand, because after all it is the matter of ensuring the security of the United States and avoid incidents such as San Bernardino in the future. Although the Apple’s C.E.O has very serious concerns over this issue, but he should also understand that helping out the F.B.I will eventually go in the favor of United State’s people, and that is what the patriotism speaks out, which the Apple should understand.

The C.E.O, Tim Cook seems much prepared to stand by his decision

No matter what happens, the C.E.O of An Apple seems much prepared to say “NO” to an F.B.I as far as helping it out in the investigation of the San Bernardino incident is concerned. The Tim Cook has come up with the statement while giving an interview on the television that saying “NO” to F.B.I was both right and hard stance.

What do the federal authorities want from Apple?

An Apple must understand that the Federal authorities of the United States, is not asking for anything that can harm the security of its iPhones in the future and nor does this demand by the Federal authorities will make its iPhones prone to any sort of hazardous malware. According to the Federal officials, they are asking for narrow assistance in bypassing some specific security features on the iPhone and that seems to dig out the evidences which can help them in order to get hands on the real culprit of the San Bernardino attack incident. But the Apple does not seem to compromise on the security of its iPhones and that is why it has come up with its official statement that helping out the F.B.I in that way will make the iPhones prone to hacking by criminals and that is will ruin the distinctive attribute of an Apple and that is what an Apple will not compromise.