Baby jumbo rescued from a well in rubber plantation

With help of a backhoe, forest rangers and villagers, a baby elephant was rescued from a well in a rubber plantation in Kaeng Hang Maeo district of Chanthaburi province before dawn today (Feb 16).

The one-year old baby elephant was among a herd of about 40 wild elephants which arrived at the rubber plantation at about 2 am apparently in search of food. However, it accidentally fell into the 3-metre deep well and could not get out.

Villagers who were awaken by the arrival of the elephant herd said the mother elephant tried to help her baby, but she got entangled with electric wire and was struck by a strong electric shock that she collapsed next to the well.

Some of the villagers who saw the incident immediately cut off the electricity supply to save the mother elephant.

Forest rangers who arrived at the scene after being alerted of the incident tried to move the mother elephant away from the well as a backhoe was rushed to the plantation.

The backhoe dug the kerb of the well to make a slope so that baby elephant could be pulled out. After about 30 minutes of digging, the animal was successfully pulled out and it eventually joined the herd back to the jungle.

During the rescue operation, the elephant herd was circling nearby waiting for the poor baby elephant to return to the mother elephant.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (ThaiPBS)


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