Beijing Railway pilots using “palm” scanning to enter and exit ticket checkpoints

A subway line in Beijing. capital of china Passengers are allowed to enter and exit through “empty-handed” ticket control by scanning their palms. without the need to swipe a card or scan a QR code in any way

Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission A pilot program has been launched to apply the new technology on the Daxing Airport Express railway line linking Beijing Daxing International Airport. On Sunday (21 May)

Passengers can scan their palms to enter and exit the ticket checkpoints of various stations. According to the said train After entering your palm information at the station's ticket machine and authorizing it through WeChat, China's popular messaging app, The fee will be automatically deducted after leaving the station.

The committee revealed that the ticket checkpoint will recognize the user's palm and veins without contacting them. This allows passengers to take the subway when cash is not available. In the event that the smartphone battery runs out and cannot be used Data masking and encryption technologies are also applied to secure user data. - Xinhua news agency

Source: Thai News Agency