Biostar Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Announces Signing of Joint Research and Development Agreement with Northwest University for Further Development of Danshensu Yibingzhi (IDHP), a Class One Drug for Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases

XIANYANG, China, January 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Biostar Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: BSPM) ("Biostar" or "the Company"), a PRC-based manufacturer and marketer of pharmaceutical and health supplement products in China for a variety of diseases and conditions, today announced that on December 29, 2014, the Company signed a joint research and development agreement with Northwest University, one of China’s leading comprehensive universities located in Xi’an city, Shaanxi Province, for further development of Danshensu Yibingzhi (IDHP), a Class One drug for treatment of cardiovascular diseases to further research and development efforts in connection with Danshensu Yibingzhi (IDHP).

Danshensu Yibingzhi (IDHP) was developed by Professor Xiaohui Zheng and his research team after 14 years of concerted research effort and was recently approved by the Education Department of Shaanxi Province and The Finance Department of Shaanxi Province for the further industrialization and marketization. Professor Zheng is the Company’s Chief Scientist and is affiliated with Northwest University. There are currently two invention patents associated with Danshensu Yibingzhi (IDHP) (patent Nos. ZL200410026105.3 and ZL201010577073.9) both of which are held by Northwest University. Professor Zheng leads a large joint team that includes nearly 100 researchers from over twenty different organizations, including the University of Cambridge, King’s College of London University, Peking University, Chinese Military Medical Science Academy of the PLA, the Fourth Military Medical University and Shaanxi People’s Hospital, among others. The Company believes that Northwest University chose to cooperate and collaborate with the Company research team for further research and development of Danshensu Yibingzhi (IDHP) in light of the Company’s own research and development track record with Danshen Granules, Zushima Analgesic Spray, Zhitong Tougu Plaster, Qianlietong, Hyperthyroidism Capsules, among others.

According to the statistics, there are more than 280 million Chinese patients (or approximately 20% of China’s total population) are suffering from cardiovascular diseases. In light of this, the Chinese government set the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and other diseases as a major development strategy since its most recently adopted "Eleventh Five-Year Plan." In particular, the governmental effort is directed to support development of innovative treatments and technologies and to challenge PRC’s medical research and scientific communities to advance the field of available treatment options.

Mr. Ronghua Wang, Chairman and CEO of Biostar, commented on this development: "The PRC government set the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and other related diseases as a national development strategy in its "Eleventh Five-Year Plan." In recent years, we have focused our efforts on researching and developing new drugs to treat cardiovascular and related diseases. We view our ongoing cooperation with Northwest University as a major step in this effort. We expect to continue our combined efforts on this project in the next five years. In that time period, we anticipate that various organizations/institutions and numerous experts in the field will join and/or participate in this research effort. The Company believes that our ongoing cooperation with Northwest University on this project will provide a solid foundation for the Company’s efforts and development in this area in the years to come," Mr. Wang concluded.

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