Blinken to return to Israel after tour of Arab countries


US Secretary of State Antony Blinken Will return to Israel on Monday. After completing a tour to discuss with six Arab countries, in the hope of coordinating efforts on Hamas, At the same time, it will find ways to alleviate the impending humanitarian crisis.

Mr. Blinken visited Tel Aviv four days ago to express his solidarity with Israel. and will return to visit again on Monday He expects to meet with top Israeli leaders in Jerusalem. As Israel prepares to launch a ground offensive in the Gaza Strip, Blinken told reporters in Cairo yesterday that He wanted the opportunity to share what he had heard and learned in the few days he had traveled to many countries. The visit came at a time when it was reported that US President Joe Biden considers invitation to visit Israel. to show what Israel calls Being firmly united

US officials said During his visit to six Arab countries, Mr. Blinken heard opposition to Hamas from among the Arab leaders he visited. But it also expressed concern about the plight of Palestinians. Meanwhile After there was pressure from the United States on Sunday Israel has returned to supplying water to the southern Gaza Strip. After previously announcing a blockade that would cut off water, energy, and food to the Gaza Strip, the United States also appointed a coordinator for the delivery of humanitarian relief supplies to Gaza, former ambassador David Sutterfield. which is scheduled to walk to Israel on Monday.

Source: Thai News Agency