BMA now pays money rewards to people reporting traffic offences

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) says it has paid money rewards to 18 people for reporting traffic offences.

BMA deputy permanent secretary Wanchai Thanomsak said since the BMA has launched a campaign to allow people to report traffic violations on August 15 using Line application, about 30,000 people have registered to Line ID @ebn6703w.

Of these registered, he said 210 of them have reported traffic offences, 90% of which involved riding motorcycles on sidewalks, and the remainder were street hawking at restricted areas such as sidewalks, bus stops, and narrow road pavements.

He said the BMA has already given money rewards to 18 people who have reported traffic offences via the mobile application.

He said the rest of the traffic informers are under verification by the Department of Land Transport of the vehicle registration so that it could summon the owners of the vehicles to pay fines.

He said under the City Cleanliness and Order Act 2535, informer of any violation of the city law will get half of the fines after violaters have paid them.

Violation includes riding motorcycles on sidewalks, dumping garbage into city canal, fitches, public places, street hawking, and erecting advertisement signboards on power poles.

He added that people can also report violation of city laws through following channels;

Line ID: @ebn6703w (LINE Mobile application)

Call City Law Enforcement Department at 0 2465 6644

Email address at

Informer must attach with their emails photographs, video clips which clearly display license plate number of vehicles, date, time and place of violations, and violaters.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)