Campaign planned for October 14-16 to encourage Thais to eat more eggs

The Egg Board has set a target to encourage Thai people to eat more eggs up to an average of 300 eggs per head per year by 2018, said Mr Sorawis Thaneeto, deputy director-general of Livestock Department and a member of the board, on Thursday.

He disclosed that an average Thai eats 220 eggs a year compared to 290 eggs for Americans, 300 eggs for Malaysians, 330 eggs for Japanese and 340 eggs for Chinese.

The Egg Board plans to launch a campaign during October 14-16 which coincides with the World Egg Day to encourage Thais, particularly students, to eat more eggs.

Mr Sorawis said Thailand is expected to produce at least 15,560 million eggs a year, about 97 percent of which are locally consumed and the rest exported.

Meanwhile, Dr Napapan Viriya-usahakul, director of Dietary Office of the Health Department recommended the number of eggs to be consumed by each different age groups as follows: half an egg each day for babies under six month; one egg each day for babies aged 7-12 months; one egg a day for children aged 1-5.

With the exception of aging people who have diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol, an adult should eat three eggs a week.

She also suggested consumers to eat boiled eggs because they have less fat than fried eggs and should avoid eating raw eggs because of the danger of bacteria.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)