Coffee shop owner agrees to demolish pavilion and footbridge

The owner of a scenic coffee shop next to a waterfall in Mae Rim forest reserve in Chiang Mai has agreed to dismantle a pavilion and a hanging bridge after they were found to have encroached on the forest reserve by forest officials.

Ms Aranya Tarin, owner of the coffee shop, said Wednesday that the shop opened three weeks ago but, after widespread criticism in the social media about the location of the premise which might encroach on the forest reserve, she agreed to remove the hanging footbridge and the pavilion next to the waterfall.

She added that she was ready to let forest officials to check the coffee shop and other structures if the officials had doubt that they might encroach on the land of the forest reserves.

Forest officials, local police and local officials of Mae Rim district inspected the coffee shop on Tuesday with maps and measurement equipment to determine the location of the coffee shop whether it was outside or within the Mae Rim forest reserves.

After the inspection which showed that the tourist service structures encroached on 20 square wah of the forest reserves, forest officials then accused the operator of the coffee shop, Pong Yaeng Jungle Coaster and Zipline, of encroachment on forest reserves. A complaint was later lodged with Mae Rim district police.

The coffee shop is part of the tourist destination of the zipline company sitting on about 11 rai of land in Mae Rim district.

The company bought the land in question from villagers and then asked land officials to upgrade its land certificate from Sor Khor 1 to Nor Sor 3 and it is now in the process of seeking permission from the land officials to upgrade the Nor Sor 3 paper into land title deeds.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)


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