collect more evidence The case of a brutal, jealous soldier who threw a bomb at Rider


BANGKOK, 12 March – The Evidence Division and EOD officers investigate the incident where a jealous soldier throws a grenade at the riders. At the entrance of Soi Pracha Uthit 45 to collect additional evidence Ready to search for the remaining bombs


Progress. The soldier is jealous and throws bombs at the Riders. Waiting for orders in front of Nom Sod shop At the entrance of Soi Pracha Uthit 45 until the rider group injured 4 people yesterday evening The latest evidence Along with EOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal Officers went to the area to inspect further to collect evidence and search for bombs. Because the perpetrator claimed to have brought 3 bombs to the scene this time, 1 exploded and the second exploded, one of the injured returned home to be delivered to the way. Police officers as evidence, while the third child still does not know where the perpetrator has taken it. because the person is still unable to identify as well While the constitutional military officials have taken the private soldier who caused the crime to be prosecuted As for the injured rider’s relatives help to catch one more person involved in the crime and send it to the police for further legal proceedings

Mr. Phongsatorn, 24 years old, who was involved in the incident recounted that There was a bomb thrown that hit the junior’s leg, but it didn’t explode, so he kept it for now. because during that time and fear that someone will step on it But when he learned that there was a bomb squad looking for more evidence Therefore went back to retrieve the stored bombs to deliver to the authorities And knowing more that now that the person who throws the bomb has been caught, friends have gone to look for him and take him to the police. I personally don’t know both of them.


Source: Thai News Agency