Commerce believes exports are still more positive than negative.

Bangkok, June 4-Minister of Commerce I believe that the opportunity to export Thai products to foreign markets in 2023 will surely grow positively by 1-2% after the Ministry of Commerce executives talk to the private sector. Although there are some negative factors, plus the results of the event "THAIFEX-ANUGA ASIA 2023" generating more than 120,000 million baht.

Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce said that Although exports in April 2023 were valued at $ 21,723 million, a decrease of 7.6%, but as reported by trade ambassadors around the world, many markets still have opportunities to expand. Because Thai products are in demand, whether it is fresh food, vegetables, fruits, processed products, industrial products, and others. Still wanting more, therefore, believes that the chances of Thai export numbers this year should grow positively by 1-2%, although it is in the period of waiting for the new government, but has been given by a commercial diplomat to do it fully. And after the Ministry of Commerce has discussed with the private sector. Many parties agree to work together to push this year's export numbers positive, although there are some negative factors.

However, what shows the increasing demand for Thai products is evident from the 2023 food exhibition "THAIFEX-ANUGA ASIA 2023" held in late May, which was very successful under the cooperation of 3 parties. Ministry of Commerce Department of International Trade Promotion Thai Chamber of Commerce and Cologne Messe at Muang Thong Thani There were 3,034 exhibitors, 1,109 Thai companies and 1,925 foreign companies from 45 countries that brought fresh food and processed food to the exhibition. Throughout the 5-day event, there were a total of 131,039 visitors, 78,764 of whom participated in trade negotiations, 16,429 of whom were foreigners, an increase of 150%, while 62,335 Thai businessmen and the general public visited many more. Resulting in turnover from the event The joint purchase value was 120,000 million baht, of which 1,106 million baht was immediate purchase and 118,600 million baht was traded within one year.

However, the top 5 most traded service categories are food, fruits and vegetables, food technology. such as cooking equipment tea, coffee and food service categories, such as providing knowledge to do food business And the countries with the most orders include China, Thailand, the United States, Malaysia and Japan. Therefore, this year's THAIFEX-ANUGA ASIA 2023 will play an important role in export numbers. Thai food in 2023 has increased. Last year, it was able to bring money into the country up to 1.36 trillion baht, an increase of 23%. It is expected that this year it will be able to make more money from food exports up to 1.5 trillion baht. Set more goals. 10% etc.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency