Court grants bail to 15 co-leaders of anti-power plant protest

Fifteen core members of protesters against the coal-fired power plant project in Thepa district of Songkhla were granted bail by the Songkhla provincial court Wednesday afternoon.

Their guarantors � six university lecturers � used their teaching positions as collateral to seek bail for the 15 detainees from the court and the court did not object to this approach.

The detainees are expected to be released from Songkhla prison this evening.

The 15 core figures of the network of people mainly in Thepa district of Songkhla opposing the project were arrested by the police on Monday evening when the protesters, about 500 strong, tried to breach a police cordon to get into Kao Seng fishing community where Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and his cabinet were to visit for a lunch break and to meet the local people.

They were slapped with several charges, including obstruction traffic, resisting authorities in their performance of duty and assault.

The protesters wanted to submit their petition directly to the prime minister to explain why they do not want the coal-fired power plant and wanted the prime minister to consider their plea.

The prime minister, however, refused to meet with the protesters and blamed them for using force against the police.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)