“Crab” shouts that it’s time to stop bullying shapes Why force it to be the way you like it?

is another entertainer who walks the red carpet in Cannes. Can call up quite a bit of hilarity For the very talented heroine "Pu-Priya Lundberg" who asked to show off her beauty on the red carpet. In a see-through bodysuit from the brand Alexis Mabille Haute Couture, showing off her curves, and Chopard diamond jewelry, but the netizens criticized her figure non-stop.

Recently, the girl "Pu" did not tolerate it, posted a boiling post on her personal Instagram. After being criticized by a lot of negative netizens and asked back, why force women to be the way you like or be satisfied? It's time to stop bullying people about body and focus on body positivity.

Source: Thai News Agency