Crime Suppression Division police arrest young man for selling child clips through a secret online group.


Pathum Thani, Police from the Crime Suppression Division raided and arrested 'Mark Zemo,' a Twitter star with over half a million followers. Selling child clips through secret online groups The Police Suppression of Human Trafficking, or P.C.M., arrested Mr. Chakraphan, age 29, the accused according to an arrest warrant from the Criminal Court dated June 10, 2024, at his residence in the Rangsit area, Suan Phrik Subdistrict, Mueang District, Pathum Thani Province, for the crime of 'trafficking human beings through exploitation by Illegal from producing or distributing objects or pornographic material of children over fifteen but under eighteen years of age. As a result of the investigation team, Sub-Division 1, Human Trafficking Suppression Division. Investigations followed up on cases of crimes committed through online media in the form of prostitution of children under 18 years of age. Later, it was found that users of the The advertisement invites interested citizens to join the secret group. There is a n entrance fee of 699 baht after entering the secret group. Police investigators investigated and found a video clip showing a man and a man. There were more than 300 obscene clips. From the investigation, it was found that the male person was under 18 years of age. Therefore, evidence was collected and submitted for an arrest warrant. and the Criminal Court approved the arrest warrant dated June 10, 2024. Later, the investigative officers learned that Mr. Chakraphan was fleeing the area of ??the arrest. So he filed a request for a search warrant with the Pathum Thani Provincial Court to arrest him. after arrest Mr. Chakraphan volunteered to lead police officers to search the house. A mobile phone and a computer were found. Therefore, they seized it as a medium. and take the accused along with the seized items Send investigators to Sub-Division 1, Human Trafficking Suppression Division. Proceed further Initially, the accused confessed to all the charges, testifying that he had previously been ordained as a monk for more than 10 years. After coming out, he began producing pornographic material and distributing it since 2022 until he was arrested. It is published through the application channel X (Twitter). Currently, there are more than half a million followers. Generate income of more than 500,000 baht. Source: Thai News Agency