Criminologist points out that the search of “Big Joke’s” house will affect the selection of a new police chief.

Criminologist Pointing out that the search operation at the house of "Big Joke" directly affected the image of the Police Commission, which is responsible for appointing the new police commander, to lose confidence.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Kritsanapong Putrakul, criminologist Rangsit University said that police operations from the Information Technology Crime Suppression Center (PCT) searched the house of Pol. Gen. Surachet Hakphan, deputy commissioner of the Royal Thai Police. directly affecting the image of Pol.Gen.Surachet Because the work was carried out just 2 days before the appointment of the new National Police Commander (Commander), which society perceived that Pol. Gen. Surachet is one of four candidates for the new police chief, affecting the confidence and confidence of the Police Commission (PRC) in selecting him. One person, Didet, is the police commander.

Personally offered to the Prime Minister As a supervisor of the Royal Thai Police according to law Overhaul or reform problems in the office especially corruption Like other agencies It should also be reformed. Ready to admit that Internal political problems are everywhere. Not only in the Royal Thai Police In the future, will there be revenge from today's events or not? It is seen that it depends on the personality of each police officer. However, the conclusion of this incident It is seen that the public will benefit from investigating and prosecuting police who have evidence of involvement in illegal things. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency