Doctors emphasize that tuberculosis is known quickly, cured, and does not spread.


The Department of Disease Control issued a warning to the public: "Tuberculosis is recognized quickly, cured, does not spread" to those in close contact with TB patients. including at-risk groups of people Hurry and go get screened. To search for tuberculosis and find latent tuberculosis infection To enter the standard tuberculosis treatment and prevention process. that is fast and timely

Dr. Tares Krassanairawiwong Director-General of the Department of Disease Control gave an interview after the news broke that "Jak", singer and songwriter, formerly of the band Double U, was diagnosed with tuberculosis. In the news, doctors assumed that they had contracted the virus from a close friend who had recently died of tuberculosis on September 5th, saying that tuberculosis is a contagious disease that is still a major public health problem around the world and in Thailand. The World Health Organization ranked Thailand among the 30 countries with the highest tuberculosis problems in the world. It is estimated that Thailand has approximately 103,000 new tuberculosis cases/year and more than 12,000 deaths. 000 cases/year and approximately 1 in 4 of the Thai population infected with tuberculosis But only a fraction of them are sick with tuberculosis. due to decreased body immunity Another group of the population is more at risk of being infected and sick with tuberculosis than the general population, nam ely the elderly with co-morbidities. Diabetic patients chronic kidney disease patients People infected with HIV prisoners or residents of protected institutions and persons with disabilities drug users chronic alcoholic Public health personnel Migrant labor group And the most important thing is Groups of people who are in close contact or who have household contact with a TB patient.

Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health As a government agency that is responsible for putting policies into direct practice has always been aware of and given importance to the tuberculosis problem There are plans and activities to push and drive policy. screening, care, and treatment in all risk groups to the supervisory authority Direct tuberculosis treatment includes hospitals in all sectors, both public and private, to enter the standard tuberculosis treatment and prevention process. that is fast and timely Breaking the cycle of spreading infection to others Continue to reduce the morbidity and mortality rate from tuberculosis.

Dr. Niti Haetanurak, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Disease Control Added that as a result of the case in the news and there was a trend in the social media world Regarding the tuberculosis illness of a famous singer and actor, the Department of Disease Control through the Tuberculosis Division took urgent action upon hearing the news. Coordinate assistance directly to personal and family managers. To support additional examinations and treatment beyond the current treatment at a hospital. both latent infection and tuberculosis of family members housemates close contact Friends of band members or fellow actors All that needs to be examined

Dr. Phlin Kamolwat, Director of the Bureau of Tuberculosis, Department of Disease Control, further said that tuberculosis is a contagious respiratory disease. That spreads the virus from sick people through coughing, sneezing, talking, or singing. People who are infected are more likely to become sick with tuberculosis. When sick, it affects the patient and family, but it is a disease that is not as scary as you think. Because it can be cured By taking the medicine continuously as ordered by the doctor for approximately 6 months, with urgent examination required or early diagnosis When there is an abnormality by noting the symptoms of tuberculosis It started with a chronic cough lasting more than 2 weeks, a low-grade fever in the afternoon, loss of appetite, weight loss, and most importantly, when we knew it was a household contact. close contacts of tuberculosis patients Get tested for tuberculosis as soon as possible at a hospital or public health service center near your home. To enter the treatment proces s according to the next standard "Tuberculosis, know quickly, cure, doesn't spread" people can inquire for more information at the Tuberculosis Division, tel. 02 211 2224 or the Department of Disease Control hotline, tel. 1422.

Source: Thai News Agency