Drug dealer arrested, claiming to get money for his wife to give birth


Police raid and arrest a drug dealer in his bedroom along with his wife. He confesses to getting money for his wife to give birth. Get a pill for less than 10 baht. Police from Samrong Tai Police Station deployed with a search warrant. Inspected a room in the Bang Hua Suea community. Bang Ya Phraek Subdistrict, Phra Pradaeng District, Samut Prakan Province This past morning (June 15, 2024), Mr. Montree, age 36, and his wife were taken into custody for questioning after finding out that Mr. Montree was a major drug dealer in the area. A search of the room found methamphetamine separated into blue bags, 200 tablets per bag, ice in a number of divided bags. Mr. Montree confessed that he had just been released from prison. physical assault case and no work But his wife was already 3 months pregnant, so she turned to drug dealing. Hoping to save money for his wife to give birth. They bought it from a merchant in the Phra Pradaeng area for 7 baht per tablet, including 30,000 baht to buy ice, and then gave it to the teenagers for 15 baht per tablet. Police revealed that it was for Mr. Montree's wife. It was found that the financial route was related to drugs. Initially, they may also be charged with conspiring to traffic drugs. Source: Thai News Agency