Duterte criticizes US for not stopping China’s advance in South China Sea

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte hit out anew at the United States � this time for failing to stop China’s island-building activities in the disputed Philippines Sea, according to Manila Times Online report on Thursday.

In his remarks during the celebration of the Mindoro People’s Day in the Oriental Mindodo on Wednesday, talked about his recent meeting with US ambassador Sung Kim, saying he confronted the envoy on why the US did nothing to stop China from building on the disputed waters.

He told the ambassador only the US has the capability to stop the Chinese. Why did you not send the armada of the Seventh Fleet which is stationed in the Pacific to just make a u-turn and go there and tell them right on their face, stop it, ? he told the audience.

The Duterte administration has been pushing for closer relations with Beijing, but the president has vowed to raise the July 2016 international arbitration ruling in favour of the Philippines to the Chinese government at some point.

Duterte also stressed that he would not entertain any military alliance with China, noting that the Philippines has an existing Mutual Defense Treaty with Washington.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)