Eight Coalition Allies Meets for Smooth Transition

An eight party alliance, led by the Move Forward party meets to discuss co-working plans during the transition period before the new government is formed.

After the eight coaltion partners signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) listing 23 points they have agreed to achieve last week, they have met for the first time to discuss work guidelines. The meeting venue is at the Prachachat Party head office.

They are expected to discuss electricity bills, energy cost and future drought. The transition team will be established to support their work.

MFP secretary-general Chaithawat Tulathon said the MFP proposed the working team was set up to prepare for smooth work to solve problems urgently and in the long term.

The transition team must map out the plan to to ensure the budget use will align with the policies.

Meanwhile, Pheu Thai leader Cholnan Srikaew said that today's meeting would set the direction of the coaltion partners's work.

The allocation of cabinet porforlios has not been completed but they will allocate work to suitable parties in line with their party policies. (TNA)

Source: Thai News Agency