Election Commission announces election results MPs are official

Election Commission of Thailand, May 25 – ECT announced the official results of the 66 MPs election "going far" sweeping 151 people, but getting the same MPs for the district as 112 people for Pheu Thai, 11 other parties got MPs. .One person's roster has 39 million people who have exercised their rights, losing more than 3% of the card, exceeding the target.

The Office of the Election Commission of Thailand (ECT) publishes the 2023 MP General Election Report, 100% official through the website www.ectreport.com . In summary, there were 39,514,973 people who voted, representing 75.71 percent of the total number of 52,195,920 voters by counting the votes. Members of the House of Representatives on a constituency basis consisted of 37,190,071 good ballots, representing 94.12 percent; 1,457,899 void ballots, representing 3.69 percent; 866,885 non-election ballots, representing 2.19 percent, while the party-list form There were 39,514,964 people who exercised their rights, representing 75.71%, of which 37,522,746 good cards, representing 94.96%; 1,509,836 invalid cards, representing 3.82%; 482,303 unselected cards, representing 1.22%. The number of constituency ballots was less than 9 because only one type of constituency ballot was present. and then go vote without receiving a party-list ballot, etc.

For the results of the vote counting, it was concluded that political party that has The most constituency-divided MPs were Pheu Thai and Kao Klai, equal to 112 MPs, Bhumjaithai Party 68, Palang Pracharat 39, including Thai Sang Chat 23, Democrat 22, Chart Thai Pattana. 9 people, 7 people from Prachachat, 5 people from Thailand created Thailand, 2 people from the United Nations, and 1 person from Chat Phatthana Kla.

While the list of MPs It appears that the Kao Klai Party received a total of 14,438,851 votes, resulting in the number of 39 party-list MPs, Pheu Thai Party, received a total of 10,962,522 votes, received 29 MPs, including Thai Sang Chart, received 4,766,408 votes, received 13 MPs, Bhumjaithai, a total score of 1,138,202 votes, and received MPs. 3 people Democrat got a total of 925,349 votes, 3 MPs, Prachachat got a total of 602,645 votes, 2 MPs and 11 other political parties got 1 MP equally, consisting of Palang Pracharath, Thai Free Party, Thai creates Thai, new democracy, new party, Chart Pattana Kla, Thai locality, Chart Thai Pattana, justice, new social force, Thai teachers for the people

Office of the Election Commission of Thailand informed that the calculation of the number List of MPs with published This is a preliminary calculation only. The Office must offer The Election Commission considers announcing the election results. While announcing the results of the constituency MPs election The Election Commission will have to do a preliminary investigation. If it is found that the election has been honest and fair and the number of MPs is not less than 95 per cent of the total constituencies, the Election Commission must announce the election results as soon as possible. But not later than 60 days from the election day.

Reporters reported that Before the election, the ECT set a goal for the number of invalid ballots to be no more than 2 percent, but according to the official election report released today (May 25), it was found that constituency-divided ballots contained invalid ballots. 3.69 percent, while the name list Percentage of losing cards 3.82.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency