Establishment of Sufficiency Economy Learning Centers

A total of 47 Sufficiency Economy Learning Centers have been set up throughout the country to help spread messages about the philosophy of Sufficiency Economy, advocated and developed by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

The meeting of the Office of the Royal Development Projects Board, chaired by Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha on 17 December 2014, heard a report on the Sufficiency Economy Learning Centers and the mobilization of efforts to spread this concept more widely.

It was told that out of the 47 Sufficiency Economy Learning Centers, 19 are in the central region, 11 in the Northeast, 10 in the North, and 7 in the South. Forums have also been held to provide opportunities for members of these centers to exchange knowledge and experience and seek ways to spread the Sufficiency Economy approach and make royally initiated projects better known.

Among the topics discussed at the forums is water source development. Thai people have lived near waterways for centuries. Their lives and livelihood depend on having clean water available for consumption and agricultural practices. His Majesty the King is recognized as an expert on the country’s water. He takes a holistic approach to water resource management and has in-depth studies conducted for the most efficient distribution and optimization of benefit from existing water sources.

A number of water users from the Sufficiency Economy Learning Centers and other royally initiated projects have attended training at Royal Development Study Centers in various parts of the country. The training aims to develop their quality of life and provide them with opportunities to take part in planning, developing, and maintaining water sources on a sustainable basis.

Since 2010, the Office of the Royal Development Project Board has coordinated the setting up of Sufficiency Economy Learning Centers to spread the message of this concept to all sectors of Thai society. The centers have operated in accordance with their geographical location.

The Office has been assigned by the Government to serve as the core agency to implement a strategy to promote Sufficiency Economy in the agriculture sector and rural areas. Agriculture and community development is seen as the birthplace of this philosophy. It is still the area where the application of the Sufficiency Economy in Thailand is most advanced.

A target has been set for a large number of farming families to join the agriculture network under the Sufficiency Economy concept. This philosophy is commended as a new theory for agriculture. It helps to alleviate poverty, create new employment opportunities, and generating additional income by farmers.

Pilot projects have been launched in many areas to apply the principles of the Sufficiency Economy to farming for self-reliant agriculture.

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