GFC opens the first day of trading with excitement, above reservation 52.86%.


GFC, the first medical service provider for infertility patients on the SET, opened its first day of trading at a price of 10.70 baht, an increase of 3.70 baht from the IPO price of 7.00 baht, or an increase of 52.86%.

Mr. Manphong Senanarong, Deputy Manager, Head of Securities Issuer Division Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) Mr. Praphan Charoenprawat, Manager of the Market for Alternative Investment (mai), along with the executive team of Genesis Fertility Center Public Company Limited or "GFC" led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phitak Lao Krirk Kiat Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Pramuk Wongthanakiat Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Mr. Kornpas Achariyamaneekul Chief Executive Officer Participated in the opening ceremony of the first day of securities trading in the MAI market under the service group, using the securities trading abbreviation "GFC". The first day of trading opened at a price of 10.70 baht, an increase of 3.70 baht from the IPO price of 7.00 baht or an increase of 52.86%

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phitak Lao Krirkiat said that GFC provides comprehensive services. and answers the problem of infertility treatment for the customers of the company group, consisting of customers who plan to have children in the future, customers of Thai married couples who are interested in having children, customers of married couples of Thais and foreigners. who are interested in having children and foreign married customer groups who are interested in having children Through the service business, including 1). Providing preliminary examination services before giving advice or treatment 2). Providing services for treating infertility using IUI methods 3). Providing services for treating infertility using ICSI methods 4) Providing genetic testing services for embryos (NGS) and 5). Providing egg freezing and sperm deposition services.

From the rate of people receiving treatment for infertility increasing As a result, the company has a fundraising plan. to increase potential and raise the level of medical services For those with infertility, covering all dimensions even more. Through the Suvarnabhumi-Rama 9 branch investment expansion plan, providing medical services especially for those with infertility. Including expanding investment to Ubon Ratchathani Branch Clinic To expand the base to customer groups in the area and nearby provinces. It is expected to be completed and open for infertility treatment services. Within the 1st quarter of 2024 Including neighboring countries As well as investing in other sub-sectors in provincial areas that have potential and have infertile customer bases, towards creating the New S-Curve in the future, along with stepping towards upgrading the medical center. medical technician and leading innovations in modern reproductive technology

For operating results, GFC has an average revenue growth rate for the past 3 years at 13.37%. The Group has revenue from services in 2020 - 2022 and for the 6-month period of 2023 equal to 214.42 million baht. 242.12 million baht and 275.91 million baht and 166.95 million baht, respectively, for the service income of the group of companies. It comes from providing infertility treatment services using ICSI as the main income. While net profit for 2020-2022 and the 6-month period of 2023 is equal to 66.55 million baht, 69.63 million baht, 65.68 million baht and 34.33 million baht, respectively, and the ROE ratio and ROA ratio are higher than the industry average. The company has a higher than average pregnancy success rate of 72.29%

Source: Thai News Agency