Global Consumers Are Confident about COVID-19-Free Thai Food Exports


Thai food exports are expected to continue to grow, as global consumers remain confident about the safety standards of Thai food production, with strict quality controls and preventive measures against contamination from COVID-19.

Director-General of the Department of International Trade Promotion Somdet Susomboon said that Thai frozen food exports in 2021 are likely to expand by 2 percent in 2021 to more than 140 billion baht.

The department has been working in an integrated manner with both the private sector and other government agencies in upgrading the manufacturing process by issuing COVID-19 preventive measures in food production for export.

In these measures, guidelines have been set for manufacturers, exporters, raw material suppliers, and logistics operators to follow in order to ensure safety for consumers and build confidence about Thai food exports among Thailand’s trading partners worldwide.

Those involved in delivering ingredients from ships and piers must step up their efforts to reduce the risk of contamination from ingredients and containers. Factories must strictly control quality and safety standards in all steps, from receiving ingredients from ships and piers to storing them in cold storage, processing, and packing in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP).

As for goods transportation, cleaning and disinfecting the interior of the vehicle containers must be carried out, with an emphasis on the personal hygiene of workers and work environment, which also involves location and manufacturing building, sanitation, strict cleaning, and disinfection. Moreover, workers will be provided with training, so that they will have knowledge on how to protect themselves from COVID-19.

According to the Director-General, the private sector, especially the Thai Frozen Foods Association, has responded positively to these measures. Despite the global COVID-19 situation, Thailand still has great potential for retaining its status as one of the world’s major food producers, as it has advanced technology and international standards, in response to the demands of different markets.

Source: The Government Public Relations Department