Go through the exam for the police officer’s committee. Probably more than an elephant ticket.


The Kao Klai Party, June 8 – "Rangsiman Rome" went ahead to examine the use of lines to enter the Royal Thai Police's course, noting more than an elephant ticket. There may be a business that is illegal. The police must have the strength to catch the thieves. Not running towards Mr.

Rangsiman Rome, Acting MP for the Kao Klai Party Discuss the case of using connections through the training course for police officers. and persons who are packaged or transferred to become commissioned police officers or police officers that originally this course was placed for some people with a degree that foresees that it will help the police organization to be more efficient. But when checking It can be seen that the people who come through the aforementioned course are famous families, famous surnames and parents in various circles. which means using lines It is currently under review by the Progressive Party. to check the list in 2023

At the same time, you need to look at the previous year's information whether this course meets the objectives of the establishment or not. Or finally, it's a matter of using connections or a kind of ticket. and must verify that payment is made or accepting bribes Corruption or not? If it is within the range, legal action must be taken against the people involved in this matter.

Mr. Rangsiman Ask the police who have information about this matter to send information to them. And accept that in the case of buying and selling tickets using cash may make it difficult to verify But in fact, if there is other evidence that can be used, they are welcome to accept and go through the full investigation. Emphasizing that if the police want to achieve equality, which the junior policeman graduated with a bachelor's degree and has many educational qualifications Personally, I believe that the qualifications are not different from those who have passed the NGO course, but non-commissioned police have never been given the opportunity. But it turns out that he had to wait until he was 53 years old before he could get into the rank of centurion. If the gathering of evidence can be found guilty of claiming money, it will be processed.

Mr. Rangsiman also mentions noting that this matter is more than ticket Chang that This case may be another version of the Chang ticket. But there are not many elephant tickets. But this is a kind of ticket. and reference that this course is open to people There are not only merchants, merchants, magnates who see the face in society. But maybe it's gambling sites or illegal sites sending their own people to be the police. and is a police line Which in the end will make it impossible to crack down on crime Emphasizing that these are chronic problems in the police industry.

“If the Progressive Party becomes a government It is important to reform the police. both short term and long term which admits that this will take time listen to opinions In addition, the latest has just been solved. National Police Act. But the Kao Klai Party saw that there were still problems. especially the unfair transfer appointment In the short term, transparency must be created. to create credibility And must answer questions when the appointment is transferred. Who should get the position or shouldn't? Before concluding that following in the era of advanced government leg strength that the police have Must be used to catch the thief. Not used to run to find you anymore.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency