Hikes Prime Minister-Wissanu-Chief of Police. Responsible for postponing the use of the lost km.

Thammasat University, May 25 – Discussion circle on the law of disappearance, the prime minister – Wissanu – the police chief takes responsibility after the court pointed out that the Royal Decree postponed the enforcement of the disappearance law, contrary to the constitution, recommending to the people. G. If you are arrested and do not take pictures, it is considered that the officer does not comply with the law.

Reporters reported that jurisprudence center Thammasat University organized a discussion on “The Royal Decree Postponing the Enforcement Act on the Prevention of Disappearance and Torture What are the implications of being unconstitutional? and who is responsible?” with Mr. Prinya Thewanarimitkul Director of the Center for Law, Mr. Ronakorn Boonmee, Criminal Law Center, Faculty of Law Thammasat University and Mr. Surapong Kongchantuk, President of Cross Cultural Foundation joined the discussion.

Mr. Prinya said that the abolition law passed the council. From all political parties and through the Senate with all parties agreeing Because of many events For example, in the case of Billy being carried away or director Jo, black bag, but when there will be enforcement with claims of unavailability of the National Police Agency, such as on camera recording And extending the time from being effective for another 120 days, but did not take any action As the time drew near, it was proposed. General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister, ordered the issuance of the Royal Decree to postpone the enforcement. and passed the opinion of the Deputy Prime Minister who was in charge of the law, Mr. Wissanu Krea-ngam, in which, despite the objections, that it is not within the scope of the constitution that the executive is going to change a law that has already been passed from the legislative process. There should be a show of responsibility. and there should be a public apology

Mr. Prinya said that since the Royal Decree was against the constitution, so now if there are arrests and detentions in various cases. want the public Knowing that an arrest requires video and audio recordings, if not, an arrest can be denied. In addition, information must be disclosed to relatives as to where the arrest was made.

Mr. Prinya also pointed out that on the police side, the matter of taking pictures while arresting them is not set on penalties if they do not take action. How should police officers be punished? Therefore, there is no reason to claim to be afraid that the staff will suffer. and noted that The proposal to postpone the enforcement to October 1 was because the National Police Commissioner The current person will retire on September 30th, so he has to question why Mr. Wissanu Krea-ngam, Deputy Prime Minister in charge of law. and General Prayut Prime Minister Chan Ocha therefore do not check

While Mr. Ronakorn from the Criminal Law Center pointed out that although the Constitutional Court has ruled that the Royal Decree Enforcement has been postponed. But the police who had previously arrested and detained Considered complying with resolutions and orders Therefore, there is no offense. However, from now on, when the disappearance law comes into force The police must complete the process. R is a video recording. The prosecutor, the sheriff has been notified to claim force majeure that he cannot proceed in time any longer.

Mr. Surapong from the Cultural Integration Foundation revealed that there was an order dated April 9, 2021 by Police General Suwat Chaengyodsuk, Commissioner of the National Police. At that time, prepare the equipment and There is an order to record the arrest and detention. Image must be saved. So why would the police say they weren't ready? therefore cannot be cited

“There was a picture of a group of police being stripped of their shirts. Take off your shoes and stand in the sun. which raised the question whether it was torture or not. by appearing as a picture on social media But it did not appear that the commander who made the order had to be punished or received legal consequences in any way, ”said Ronakorn.

All three speakers agree that How will there be prevention or action in the future to prevent the issuance of the Royal Decree? contrary to the constitution and violating the rights of the people Ready to call on the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister and the National Police Commissioner show responsibility At least apologize to the people.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency