Immortality Superfoods Introduce Liquid Gold, The Most Powerful Super Food in the World!

MELBOURNE, Australia, September 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Although it may be hard to believe that there is an even more bioactive form of Red Reishi mushroom that has its own set of unique qualities ready to enter your body and make some upgrades, it’s true.

Like the concentrated Red Reishi Extract (also produced by Immortality Superfoods), Red Reishi Spore Oil (Liquid Gold) still comes with all the amazing qualities of the mushroom itself, such as immune-modulation, stress relief, liver protection, shen support, and adaptogenic qualities, but with Immortality Superfoods’ Liquid Gold gel-caps, you get a few extra bonuses in a very special way.

With such a new and rare product, there is bound to be a few questions that will come up. First of all, so we all understand, “spores” are what the Red Reishi releases when it becomes a mature mushroom. In essence, they are its essence. The spores are produced in powder form on top of the fruiting body (of the mushroom). Liquid Gold, is the oil that is extracted from the Red Reishi spore powder and is a transparent golden colour, hence the name, Liquid Gold!

Extracted with the advanced super-critical Co2 method (100% Chemical FREE), what you will find in these Liquid Gold capsules is only the pure essence of the cracked-shell Red Reishi spore and nothing else. Immortality Superfoods NEVER use fillers or additives to “bulk up” their products.

The price may deter some people from trying this amazing product, so let’s break it down for you. Liquid Gold Gel Caps are a little more expensive than the Red Reishi Extract powders, because it is extremely concentrated. It is basically the essential oil, not even of the mushroom itself, but of the spores, where essential nutrients of Red Reishi mushroom can be found. It takes 1000kg of mature Red Reishi fruiting bodies to produce up to only 1kg of spores and over 1000kg of spores to produce just 1-3kg of Liquid Gold. So, hopefully that illustrates how much Red Reishi mushroom is packed into every bottle of Liquid Gold! The number may seem astronomical, but if you do the math, a staggering 1,000,000kgs of Red Reishi mushrooms are required to produce only a few kilos of spore oil (the Liquid Gold), hence, why it is more pricy. However, Immortality Superfoods have kept their prices down, so that the average person can still enjoy the amazing healing benefits of Liquid Gold, in fact, they are the cheapest source online to purchase Reishi Spore Oil from, on the ENTIRE INTERNET!

Liquid Gold contains high amounts of the nucleosides and triterpenes found naturally in Red Reishi. Triterpenes are, in fact, the most concentrated chemical constituent of the oil. One softgel of Immortality Superfoods‘ amazing Liquid Gold is over 40% triterpenes. One capsule of Liquid Gold is 500 mg, which means that each capsule has OVER 180 mg of triterpenes. This is the highest concentration of any reishi product, it is also the most bioavailable and easily assimilated.

Triterpenes are what give Red Reishi its bitter taste. The bitter taste alone in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is what protects and nourishes the liver, thus the triterpenes conduct a huge role in Red Reishi’s liver and nervous system tonifying qualities. However, the Liquid Gold gel-caps have a soft, smooth taste, and can be taken sublingually for a more effective result.

Triterpenes have also been shown to:

  • Aid the digestive system and nourish the stomach
  • Have Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties
  • Enhance the nervous system function
  • Balance hormones and bodily processes
  • Improve blood pressure and circulation dramatically
  • Strengthen the immune system (and stop all colds and flus)!

Finally, what does the physical effect of Liquid Gold feel like when taken? The main thing people have noticed is that familiar Reishi kind of “calmness”, but much stronger and faster to set it in. This has been confirmed and corroborated by everyone that has had the chance to try Liquid Gold for themselves

Liquid Gold will produce calming, soothing, and grounding effects, this is really what makes Red Reishi so famous and highly regarded as a shen tonic and adaptogenic product in China.

For more information about Liquid Gold Gel Caps or the producers themselves located in Australia, Immortality Superfoods, head to their website where you will find all the information you will need. In addition they also ship worldwide at very reasonable prices and will happily assist any domestic or international retailers with very competitive wholesale pricing.

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