JCM Applies for Azithromycin API Import Certificate at India

CHENGDU, China, September 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Tianyin Pharmaceutical Inc. (NYSE Amex: TPI), a pharmaceutical company that specializes in the development and sale of patented biopharmaceutical medicine, modernized traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), branded generics and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) further updated the business development at its Jiangchuan Macrolide Facility (JCM) API operation. JCM has initiated the application process for the import certificate to India via India’s Central Drugs Standard Control Organization Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. The initiative is triggered by a surge in the orders by API users from India of JCM’s Azithromycin API products and intermediates. Further information regarding India’s Central Drugs Standard Control Organization could be found at on http://cdsco.nic.in/forms/Default.aspx.

Further testing and improvement on quality, purity, stereochemistry, stability in compliance with the international standards of Azithromycin API have been conducted at JCM for the past few months following an increasing amount of orders from both domestic and international buyers. Previously JCM has been receiving orders to manufacture one of the major intermediates of Azithromycin, Azithromycin amine (Azi Amine) at a competitive international price. And the increasing demand for Azithromycin API necessitates the application for certificate of import. TPI will provide updates on the development of the Azithromycin export on a quarterly basis.

About Azithromycin and its intermediates

Azithromycin (Azi) is a macrolide antibiotic related to erythromycin. It is used primarily to treat various bacterial infections caused by respiratory pathogens, such as Aerobic gram-positive microorganisms and Aerobic gram-negative microorganisms. Azi prevents bacterial cells from manufacturing specific proteins necessary for their survival. Azi is rapidly absorbed and is widely distributed to tissues and becomes concentrated in cells. Peak plasma concentrations are achieved within 2 to 3 hours. Azi Amine is a close intermediate of Azi and enjoys competitive pricing trends amongst various derivatives of Azi related products.

About TPI

Headquartered at Chengdu, China, TPI is a pharmaceutical company that specializes in the development, manufacturing, marketing and sales of patented biopharmaceutical, modernized traditional Chinese medicines, branded generics and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). TPI currently manufactures a comprehensive portfolio of 58 products, 24 of which are listed in the highly selective national medicine reimbursement list, 10 are included in the essential drug list of China. TPI’s pipeline targets various high incidence healthcare indications. For more information about TPI, please visit: http://www.tianyinpharma.com

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