Labour Minister Commences National Teacher’s Day Event in Chonburi to Recognize Teachers Who Create Quality People


The Labour Minister, Mr. Suchart Chomklin, presided over the delivery of an address on the 67th National Teachers’ Day for 2023 in Chonburi. Governor of Chonburi Province, Mr. Thawatchai Srithong, Director of the Chonburi Primary Educational Service Area Office, Region 1, Dr. Ni-On Srisoonthorn, the Ministry of Labour’s executives, education executives, school administrators, government teachers, educational personnel, and heads of government agencies under the Ministry of Labour in Chonburi Province, joined the welcome at the Ban Suan Municipal Community Hall, Muang District, Chonburi Province.

Mr. Suchart said that teachers are important people in society and play a role in human and national development. Teachers must adapt their learning and teaching to keep up with the digital world while facing emerging disease outbreaks. Teachers must motivate and make classes interesting, using classrooms to exchange knowledge and learn. They need to use technology to their advantage and be a role model for children to have virtue, ethics, and good deeds; to transmit this from one generation to another. The teaching profession is, therefore, very important. It shows that education is a source of human resource development and a transfer of cultural heritage inherited from ancestors. In any teaching, there must be a teacher to convey the learnings. Teachers have knowledge in both the sciences and arts, which provides principles, methods, and guidelines that everyone must pass through the education system, helping to train and teach, which is the basis for a career. They must also share knowledge of morality, a principle to live a successful life. So, it is worth recognizing the importance of teachers always, not only on Teacher’s Day.

Mr. Suchart continued that this year, the Prime Minister and Minister of Defence, General Prayuth Chan-ocha, unveiled the National Teacher’s Day slogan, “Good teachers and good students result in a good future .”He said today is a good opportunity and an auspicious day to make merit and offer alms to worship the Buraphachan, including honouring teachers, administrators, and educational personnel. The day is regarded as encouraging and awakening the spirit of being a teacher. He congratulated everyone who received honorable awards and said he believed everyone would maintain this virtue and expand positive results further. He thanked all Teacher’s Day organizing committees, organization personnel, and all departments who jointly supported, participated, and helped to organize this event successfully to achieve its objectives.

On the same occasion, the Labour Minister presided over the National Teacher’s Day event and awarded certificates to honour administrators and teachers of private schools, “Teacher Dee Sri Private,” to the Private School Association Administrators, Chonburi Province. Governor of Chonburi Province, Mr. Thawatchai Srithong, President of the Chonburi Provincial Private School Association, administrators of Prapassorn Wittaya School in Chonburi, the Ministry of Labour’s executives and heads of government agencies under the Ministry of Labour in Chonburi gave a welcome at the Leelawadee Room, Prapassorn Wittaya School, Muang District, Chonburi Province. Chonburi Province is an important province as the head of the country’s economic movement, and it is in the Eastern Economic Development Zone or EEC. Therefore, schools must constantly evolve to develop children with good characteristics that meet international standards. It is something that all parties must cooperate on, and private schools in Chonburi have demonstrated the potential to continue quality education management.

“On this year’s National Teacher’s Day, I want to encourage all administrators, teachers, and educational personnel to develop and adapt to keep up with changing environments. I ask that everyone strive for self-improvement and adapt to new environments that will appear, as you have played a very important role in building a country with a quality of living and a happy life,” concluded Mr. Suchart.

Source: Ministry of Labour