Message from the Prime Minister


The work of the government and the government, the army, the Royal Thai Police and government agencies in the past have used great efforts to create a solidarity of the country. Create love and faith in national institutions, religions and kings. For the nation and the people who are loved by all Thai people

News of the establishment of various government parties Which most people are concerned about at this time, do not want to be seen as a focus on political struggle only But as a group to do good for the nation Country and people And eliminating bad people or people who cause damage to the country Moderately Help create a good atmosphere for our country. Create peace for the people Including creating confidence for both domestic and foreign investors

Conflict Lack of love, unity Division of divisions All of which are important obstacles to peace. Development and empowerment of the country Therefore, during this time, therefore, all people should be careful to receive any information from print media, television, radio, social media. By asking to consider reasonably with facts both at present and in the past Please do not believe the distortion of words. Which will cause the country to return to the same dangers that we have ever fought together

Being democratic is not just important. Very little voice Who is the opposition? Who is the government But must pay more attention to what the people will receive, including the government and members of the House of Representatives With good governance or not Every citizen, regardless of whether anyone chooses to receive thorough care or not Nation has been Strengthen and increase capacity? This is important. The government has always adhered to this principle.

Economic development requires cooperation from many parties, including the government, the public sector and the private sector, including all political parties. Every politician We have to admit that the old ways Since before this government can come in, can not solve any structural problems or change the structure at all. Therefore, it is necessary to have new methods that are up to date. Truly integrated We must create, support, create learning campaigns. Help each other to improve all aspects of development. Strengthen sustainability Not a problem that Destination only under limited budget One of the things that is good is the future and the country’s principles. No matter who is the government, must continue Expand or improve even further.

In summary, the peace of the country Love and unity of Thai people It is important to bring the country forward with honor, dignity and stability.

Source: Royal Thai Government