Mischievous factory girl steals card Friends of the public went to get 7 cars.


Warning! A factory worker in Rayong Province stole her co-worker's ID card and bought 7 motorcycles and refused to pay in installments. causing the card owner to be pursued by debt collectors

The group of victims were employees of a factory in Pluak Daeng District, Rayong Province, who filed a complaint on the Saimai Tong Rod page, saying that their ID cards were stolen by a friend from the same factory to use on a motorcycle. but refused to pay installments Until a debt collection letter arrived at the house.

One of the victims said that on September 12th There is a debt invoice from a car company. Notification of payment of motorcycle installments Even though I didn't go out of the car. Upon inspection, it was found that A fellow worker from the same factory used her ID card to get a car. When trying to ask for details Instead, they claimed that they could not disclose it. Because it is a secret of the company and customers.

And from the inspection it was also found that The perpetrator took the ID cards of friends from the factory, a total of 7 people, to get a car at the same shop. Every time the shop will take a photo with your ID card. When protesting that Why did you get the car? Even though the person leaving the car and the face of the person on the ID card do not match. Got the answer that The perpetrator claimed that he had just had his face injected. Make the face shape change

Mr. Ekaphob Luangprasert The founder of the Saimai page must survive. Ask questions to the car dealership. Do you know and agree or not? Because one person holds an ID card that is not his own. The face of the person on the card and the real person are not the same. So how did the shop sell the car? Initially, it is recommended that the injured person report the matter and will coordinate with Pluak Daeng Police Station to follow up on the case. Because it is believed that there may be more victims. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency