Mother arrested for forcing girl to prostitute for money


The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) arrested a creditor who forced two young girls under the age of 15 into prostitution for a fee. Found many cases of online product fraud. The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) by the Human Trafficking Suppression Division (CDC) detained officials. Mr. Surakiat or P'Fah, 24 years old (red hair), after police officers from Division 5, Crime Suppression Division, rescued two young girls. Victims of child prostitution, ages 15 and 13, previously investigated and found that The two children's parents separated. So he went to live with relatives in Krabi province. But during that time, a relative tried to commit an act of indecency. So he ran away from home. and went back and forth to borrow money from Mr. Surakiat in the area of ??Surat Thani Province which has the habit of granting loans via Facebook The victim must pay interest on a daily basis. And when there is no money to pay, Mr. Surakiat will Threatened and assaulted many times In the end, the two girls were forced to sell their services in order to pay interest to them, 1,500 - 2,000 baht per time, deducting a commission of 500-700 baht per time, and sometimes the debt would be completely deducted. From examining the history of Mr. Surakiat A history of extensive misconduct was also found. Has been prosecuted for online product fraud many times and appears as a dangerous person in the internet world as well Initially, Mr. Surakiarati's actions at the time he was charged with 7 charges consisted of 1. Human trafficking by procuring, buying, selling, distributing, bringing from or sending to any place. arrange for living or receive a child The aim is to exploit illegally from prostitution. It has been done to a person over fifteen years of age but under eighteen years of age. 1. It is a business to procure, lure away, or lead away any person so that that person is not yet over eighteen years of age. 3. Induce, encourage, or allow a child to behave. It is inappropriate or likely to cause the child to behave at risk of co mmitting an offense. 4. Satisfy the desires of others. It is the business of procuring, luring, or leading any person in order for that person to commit prostitution Even if that person agrees. It is committed against a person over fifteen years of age but not yet over eighteen years of age. 5. It is committed in any way by helping to facilitate or protect the prostitution of others, receiving benefits in any form from the prostitution of others. or from someone who engages in prostitution 6. dishonestly receives It is the business of procuring, luring, or taking away a person over fifteen years of age but not yet over eighteen years of age. Even if that person consents, including 7. Taking a minor over fifteen years of age but not yet over eighteen years of age away from his or her parents, guardian, or caretaker for profit or for obscene purposes. The minor was willing to go along. which is initially in the investigation The accused confessed to all charges. Source: Thai News Agency