“Ning” sued for damages from a third party But the other party did not come by appointment.


Come back up strong again. after life problems For the beautiful organizer "Ning Panita Thammawattana", although the divorce certificate has not yet been signed with her husband "Jin Jarin Thammawattana", the person has confirmed that only the status of his father and mother is left. "Nong Nirin" only and made an agreement on parenting Which the talented organizer has moved on to sue the third party and the court has already accepted the lawsuit. Previously

Latest today (May 30), the strongest mother "Ning Panita" with a personal lawyer carry evidence to the Central Juvenile and Family Court After being a plaintiff suing a woman who interfered with her husband Until the family that has been living together for 12 years has a problem on charges of abuse, claiming damages with a third party.

Source: Thai News Agency