“Panpree” visits injured Thai workers in Israel


Israel, "Panpree" visits to support Thai workers who were shot and burned. From the events of the Israeli-Hamas conflict

After discussion with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Panpree Phitthanukorn along with Mrs. Orna Sakif, Ambassador of Israel to Thailand Ms. Phannapa Chandrarom, Ambassador to Tel Aviv and a group traveled to Sheba Medical Center Hospital to visit Thai people who were injured in the unrest in Israel, including:

Mr. Manoj was shot in the left side of his head on Oct. 7, '23 and is in a very serious condition. Had to be treated in the ICU for 2 and a half months before on November 20, 2023, her symptoms improved and she was transferred to the respiratory rehabilitation department. to practice breathing Because in the past I had to breathe through my neck.

The other person is Mr. Wanchai. Injured from burns on October 7, 2023. Had to have my right foot amputated. Condition is now safe. Can talk normally But the wound is at risk of infection.

Mr. Panpree gave encouragement and asked about his condition. which Mr. Wanchai Symptoms started to improve a lot. Able to move arms and legs While throughout the treatment I have Thai worker friends who look after me closely. They often play Isaan songs to listen to as encouragement.

Reporters reported that the entire hospital rehabilitated the hostages. And at the hospital that treated most of the injured, officials brought Buddha statues and mats to set up to act as an anchor for the Thai people as well. Meanwhile, the nursing staff will also wear name tags in Thai. To make it easier to call names and create familiarity.

Source: Thai News Agency