People can get hurt, but my beloved chicken must be fine.


Chonburi, Accepting pain for his beloved chicken. A 43-year-old man rides a motorcycle carrying his beloved chicken. From Samut Prakan Going to father's house in Chonburi Met a motorcycle cutting in front of me. The car fell and was injured. As for the chicken, it's okay. The owner held him close to his body.

Rescue of Thamrasamee Maneerat Foundation Received notification of a motorcycle accident that lost control and fell. and there were injured people In front of Chonburi Vocational College, Sukhumvit Road, Ban Suan Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chonburi Province, the scene of the incident found one injured male, Mr. Santi, 43 years old, with injuries to his face and left arm. And the injured person still hugged the fighting cock, his beloved child, tightly, saying that the father can be hurt, but the father's beloved child must not be hurt.

The injured person said Riding a motorbike from Samut Prakan In order to bring my beloved chicken to my stepfather in Pattaya. By riding the car with one hand The other hand held the chicken. Meanwhile, a motorcycle came and cut in front of me, causing me to panic and brake suddenly. Plus I ride with one hand. Car falls and injuries.

Source: Thai News Agency