PM suggests tough action against overloaded trucks

The Transport Ministry has been instructed by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha to get tough with over-loaded trucks blamed for causing damages to the country’s roads, especially rural and inter-provincial roads.

Transport Minister Arkhom Tantipittayapaisit explained that normally there are laws restricting the load that each type of trucks is allowed to carry and there are checkpoints along highways to check the weight of trucks to ascertain whether they are overloaded or not.

However, there are many truck operators who defy the law by overloading their trucks in order to save operating costs in total disregard of the damages caused to the roads by overloaded trucks, especially during the sugarcane harvesting season when many trucks are overloaded with sugarcanes.

Arkhom went on saying that the prime minister also voiced concern with flood problem and suggested that, in future road construction, it must be made sure that the draingage system beneath roads must be big enough to facilitate the flow of water to prevent road flooding.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)