Predawn freak rains cause floodings and traffic chaos in Bangkok, Samut Prakan

Predawn rains on Wednesday (Jan 31) in Bangkok and its surrounding provinces caused flooding and traffic chaos on many roads with Sri Nakharin road in the capital’s eastern part suffering the most.

The Thai Meteorological Department forecast rains in the capital today when the cold spell from China moved in to cover the country’s upper regions first and later to the eastern and central region including Bangkok and its vicinity.

It said beginning today Bangkok’s temperature will fall 1-3 degrees Celsius with average temperature at 25-26 degrees.

Suffering hardest by the freak rains and floodings this morning were Bang Na district in Bangkok, Sri Nakharin, Sri Thepha, and Samrong areas in Samut Prakan.

All traffic lanes on Sri Nakharin road near Lotus Supercentre were submerged with almost 30 centimetres of water. Several vehicles were knocked down by floods, thus deteriorating the already worse traffic jams during the morning rush hours.

Flood level on Sri Nakharin outbound road near the Bearing Intersection was knee deep, causing severe traffic congestion, with vehicles tailing to the Sri Thepha intersection in Samut Prakan.

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s weather radar station said it detected huge rain clouds covering Phra Pradaeng in Samut Prakan at 5 am moving slowly into Samrong, Bang Na, Prawet, and Phra Khanong districts of Bangkok and staying there unmovable for an hour, causing heavy rains in these areas.

It said rainfall in the area, particularly in Bang Na was measured over 127 millimetres, causing floodings at several locations on Sri Nakharin, Thepharak, Poo Chao Samingprai, Sukhumvit, Suan Luang and Sukhumvit.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)