Prime Minister cares for dust problems. Ask for cooperation, refrain from burning in the open And urged every unit to prevent and solve problems continuously Dreaded the problem back

Today (11 February 62), Lieutenant General Weerachai Sukonthathiam, Deputy Prime Minister’s spokesman, revealed that General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister, continued to monitor the situation of dust problems. Which has been reported that the overall air quality has improved and is in the normal range But there are some areas that exceed the standard, such as the amount of dust. Lampang and Khon Kaen. Due to the extensive burning of weeds,

“Prime Minister sought cooperation of the recommendations of the authorities. To reduce the amount of dust, both PM 2.5 and PM 10, especially burning weeds that should not be done Because in addition to causing dust problems, it can also cause fire. Therefore asking farmers and suppliers to help in this matter. “

In addition, the Prime Minister urged agencies concerned to prevent and solve dust problems continuously and sustainably. Both in areas that experience problems and normal areas such as black smoke detection Promoting the use of clean fuels Construction control and open burning For the good health of the people Although the situation has improved Because if stopped, the problem will come back to no end

Source: Royal Thai Government