Prime Minister delivers a special speech Confirmed to support investment between Thailand and the United States.


The Prime Minister delivered a special speech at the Trade Winds Business Development Forum, confirming support for Thai-US investment. Develop the potential and quality of Thailand as a center for investment and business operations.

Today (March 13), General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense delivered a special speech at the Trade Winds Business Development Forum to promote economic and trade partnership between Thailand and the United States. as well as strengthening confidence in doing business and investing in Thailand. as well as promoting opportunities for cooperation on issues that Thailand and the United States focus together Which, after the completion of the special speech, Mr. Anucha Burapachaisri, Deputy Secretary-General to the Prime Minister for Political Affairs acting as spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office Disclose important matters as follows:

The Prime Minister expressed his gratitude for organizing the Trade Winds event this time, believing that meetings with the private sector Listen to opinions and suggestions will be helpful. Develop the potential and quality of Thailand to be a center for investment and business operations. which the Thai government has always given priority The Thai government welcomes the choice of the United States to host Trade Winds events in Southeast Asia and Thailand, reflecting the growing trade and investment opportunities in Thailand and the region. The Thai government is ready to cooperate with the US government and private sector. in developing economic potential and create an environment conducive to the business of US private companies.

This Trade Winds activity is an opportunity to enhance the economic, trade and investment partnership between Thailand and the United States. more firmly then and marks the 190th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Thailand and the United States. Since the signing of the Treaty of Amity and Commerce in 1833, friendship, alliance and Thai-US relations has proceeded in a mutually beneficial way for both parties and beneficial to the region During the past two years, Thai-US bilateral relations have There is a constant increase in intimacy. Although in the past, the global economy has been affected by COVID-19. But bilateral trade between Thailand and the United States Increasing steadily. In 2022, trade between each other is worth more than 65, 000 million US dollars making the United States become Thailand’s second most important trading partner Once again after 15 years, it represents a strong cooperation and supply chain between them. and the potential and readiness of Thailand in terms of economy and infrastructure in connection and logistics.

Thailand and the United States have consistent goals and policies to promote sustainable, healthy and balanced economic growth. Thailand attaches importance to bio-circulating-green economy policy, or BCG Economy, which APEC economic leaders have jointly endorsed the goals of Bangkok. On the economy, BCG and the US as the host of APEC this year. will continue to operate in the same direction

In addition, Thailand has cooperated with the United States. and partner countries in the Indo-Pacific Economic Cooperation (IPEF) to promote sustainable economic growth. environmentally friendly and fair, which the Thai-US partnership plan will help strengthen the opportunity Cooperation between them in many dimensions, including

The first is cooperation to strengthen the economy and industry of the future. Thailand is ready to be a center for trade and investment. and the main production of the region. It is a link in the supply chain with its geographic location and various incentive measures for the private sector. Thailand is interested in cooperation and promoting investment from the US private sector in new fields such as smart electronics. and upstream components of semi-conductors Medical and health products and services bio industry new age vehicles as well as products and industries that promote the BCG economy.

Secondly, Thailand attaches great importance to the development of green technologies and clean energy. to accelerate the construction of a green economy and a low-carbon society In this regard, the US private sector is invited to invest and support knowledge, expertise and technology to enable Thailand to fully transition into a green economy. Especially in the solar EV industry. Hydrogen energy technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. and improve energy efficiency and carbon capture, utilization and sequestration (CCUS) technologies.

Finally Digital transformation is our future. Thailand aims to develop digital infrastructure And accelerate the implementation of upskill and reskill projects for digital skills to develop personnel. to support the industry of the future In the past, we have cooperated with US private companies to invest in the development of cloud storage centers in Thailand. Including expanding cooperation to promote the development of the innovation ecosystem. Developing digital capabilities and advanced technologies such as Quantum and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This year’s Trade Winds activities will raise the level of trade and investment between Thailand and the United States. The Thai government is ready to support business operations for the common goal of creating balanced, strong and sustainable economic growth.

Incidentally, the Trade Winds activity is bringing a group of US businessmen. Annual foreign visit of the US Department of Commerce. In 2023, the US chooses to host activities in Thailand. which consists of building a business network business matching and meeting activities between the United States private sector with Thai and US government representatives It is expected that there are approximately 150 people participating in the event.

Source: Thai News Agency