Prime Minister inspects Chiang Rai and Phrae provinces. To monitor progress in government policy implementation regarding community forests and state welfare

General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister, is scheduled to travel to Chiang Rai and Phrae provinces. On Saturday March 16, 2019 to follow measures to help low-income people through state welfare cards and community forests, as well as discussing solutions to haze and forest fires With the following important missions

During the morning, the Prime Minister visited the government’s policy implementation results. About helping low-income people through state welfare cards Meet seniors and groups using state welfare cards at the third university. Which is a center for informal learning to improve the quality of life and happiness for the elderly, including the provision of health knowledge by local wisdom and public health Focus on the development of the learning process of the elderly Then continue on to the bridge over the Kok River. To preside over the opening ceremony of the Kok River Bridge Visit the exhibition of transportation routes Construction of the western road Bridge over the Kok River And safety on the road, then the Prime Minister will give a policy to perform official duties with civil servants and agencies in the area In solving haze and forest fires Promoting and reducing the burning of agricultural and agricultural lands in large plots at Chiang Rai City Hall

In the afternoon, the Prime Minister will continue to perform missions in Phrae province by presiding over the granting of a letter showing the rights to the community forest project to the community representatives and handing over a booklet that has been provided to the community according to the government policy in the form of collective people And follow up the performance according to government policy at Phrae Provincial Administration Organization Stadium Before returning to Bangkok on the same day

The Prime Minister followed and cared for the situation of the northern smog. That still found that many dust values tend to increase in some areas The air quality is in the criteria of starting to affect health. And ordered all government agencies Both soldiers and civilians Local administrative organizations in the area The Provincial Private Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office organized a campaign to increase moisture and reduce dust in the air. Including spraying water on high-rise buildings of the private sector To reduce the problem of small dust in the air. The public can monitor the air quality situation on the website. And application air4thai

Source: Royal Thai Government