Promise if Prime Minister Every policy will succeed.

Din Daeng, May 12 - "Big Fort" leads the PPP army, leaving behind the last big speech before election day. Release the finisher, announce "this time, the last mission to serve the country", leading the country to overcome conflict, not chaos, with a promise "I am the Prime Minister, every policy will be accomplished"

The reporter reported that Palang Pracharat Party (PPP) held the stage for the last big speech before election day. at West Sports Building 2, Bangkok Youth Center (Thai-Japanese) Din Daeng District, led by Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan as the leader of the Pracharat Palang Pracharat Party, along with leaders and candidates for MPs in both Bangkok and other provinces. Including a large number of supporters participating

The activity started around 2.40 p.m., later than the scheduled time of 2.00 p.m., due to waiting for the people to travel to listen to the speech. In the front, there is a message board stating that "Over conflict, the first step is to listen to different opinions". On the stands around the stands, there are policy signs 3 reduce 7 increase (3 reduce people's living expenses immediately and 7 increase money in their pockets). directly to the public)

Gen. Prawit made a speech and began to greet, "Brothers and sisters, brothers and sisters, brothers and sisters," and said that the noise like this should calm down a bit. which today is an important day Because it was the last speech before the election and stressed that every campaign policy “I promise to succeed. I have no obligations, no business, no hidden interests. There is only one final mission, which is to repay the merit of the land. create prosperity for Thailand"

Gen. Prawit said that 8 years in the government of the Palang Pracharat Party He can talk to everyone. Listen to all opinions without any prejudice and throughout his life he has the duty to protect the country from enemies in various forms. especially stability to the main national institutions

“Today, I have seen that Our country still has many problems. especially the stomach and poverty, until having to overcome conflicts Me and the Pracharat Power Party Determined to overcome the problems of the people. “Are you sure that we will go together? Let's go together, ”which has a bustling cheer.

General Prawit reiterated that Every policy promised when he served as prime minister will move forward immediately by making everyone believe Ready to ask the audience to speak again that Do you believe? In which there was a response that he believed. After that, Gen. Prawit said, “Please believe in me. will lead the country to prosperity.”

Gen. Prawit said that he would choose me and the Pracharat Palang Pracharath Party. The country will not be in chaos. the economy will go forward Trade will be more prosperous before asking "do you want it?" which has a voice that says yes. Therefore, choose the Palang Pracharat Party, number 37 in every district.

However, the atmosphere surrounding the speech stage of the Palang Pracharat Party There is a police force in the amount of 1 company to maintain safety. Because in the vicinity, the West 1 Sports Hall will be used as the closing speech of the Progressive Party. Which will start at 6:00 p.m. In addition, it was found that the staff had placed a barricade between the area of the West Sports Building 1 and the West Sports Building 2, not allowing them to cross each other. to prevent potential conflicts Including a screening of people who will attend the speech. with a scanner for suspicious objects and the party's security team. regularly at various points.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency