PsoriaTrax Coal Tar Shampoo AVAILABLE: New shampoo finds a solid niche for people suffering from psoriasis

ESSEX, Conn., October 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Psoriatrax was developed so it washes away clean. Most effective shampoo for psoriasis on the market.

Coal Tar Shampoos have been used for many decades to help reduce and in many cases eliminate the scales and redness caused by psoriasis and seborrhea. Psoriasis is a condition where patches of skin grow at an increased rate causing the skin to flake off much faster than the normal rate.

Doctors have been suggesting the use of coal tar shampoo as highly effective treatment. PsoriaTrax coal tar shampoo comes in 3%, 5% and our new 3rd generation Coal Tar Glide.

All coal tar shampoos may cause your skin to become sensitive to the sun or tanning so care should be taken to protect your skin for 24hrs after using any coal tar shampoo.

Do not use if you experience a reaction such as rash, hives, severe itching, etc, and seek medical advice before continuing use of any OTC medicine. Do not use with any other treatment program unless directed by your health care professional.

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