Pyunkang Korean Medicine Hospital: The Great Vision of a Doctor of Korean Medicine Banning Chemical Medicines

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — What is the limit of the human lifespan? Biologists consider the age of about 120 years to be the limit of the human lifespan on the premises that the majority of animals live up to 6 times the period of maturation into full adulthood, and that humans normally become an adult when they reach the age of about 20 years. However, as of the present, the proportion of people over the age of 100 years, let alone 120 years, is only about 1 per 100,000 in the world. People are dying hopelessly due to various notorious diseases throughout the world. Nonetheless, a doctor of Korean medicine who has been asserting the banning of chemical medicines to the people of the world has been dreaming of extending the lifespan of humankind by 30 years, and recently disclosed his specific visions for the realization of this dream.

The Great Vision of a Doctor of Korean Medicine Banning Chemical Medicines

The Great Vision of a Doctor of Korean Medicine Banning Chemical Medicines

People lived with the preconception that dead alveoli cannot be regenerated until now. However, Dr. Seo Hyo-seok has established a theory that everyone lives up to the age of 100 years in great health by regenerating the pulmonary cells while treating more than 30,000 patients suffering from pulmonary diseases with ‘Pyunkang Tang’ over the last 41 years. He is planning to realize Pyunkang Paradise by forming the ‘Pyunkang Centenarians Expedition’ composed of 33 people over the age of 90 years by constructing the ‘Village of Transcending Old Age’ next to the Seobok Memorial Hall in Jeju-do. When all of the 33 people manage to live to the age of 100 years, Dr. Seo will shout to the world, "From today, the lifespan of human beings will be in the 3-digits!"

Once he achieves the realization of Pyunkang Paradise, he will choose a country with a population of less than 5 million and expand their average lifespan by 10 years. Moreover, after 10 years, he would be able to lower the cost of medical treatment in that country to about half the cost in the first year of this project. For this purpose, the medicinal herbs needed for the manufacturing and supplying of the Pyunkang Tang will be grown directly in that country and a manufacturing plant will be constructed in order to optimize the efficacies of the medicinal herbs.

Pyunkang Tang is a medical food made of 100% medicinal herbs by combining more than 10 medicinal herbs that are highly effective in reinforcing the pulmonary functions at the golden ratio. Fortifying the health of the tonsils can protect our body from the various pathogens that enter our body. This is the fundamental treatment and prevention of not only the common cold but also rhinitis and asthma, and improving the overall health of the respiratory system to achieve longevity with freedom from major illnesses.

At this time, the lung, which regains its health along with the heart, will be able to properly control both high and low blood pressure. Moreover, high density lipoprotein (HDL)-cholesterol levels will be elevated while low density lipoprotein (LDL)-cholesterol levels will be lowered to restore the resilience of the blood vessels. Once the blood vessels become more resilient, stroke can be prevented through the reinforcement of conditions of the coronary arteries. Continued maintenance of the pulmonary health will not only prevent influenza but also pneumonia, the first ranked cause of death for those over the age of 65 years, definitively, thereby continually lowering the mortality rate of people and enabling the extension of average lifespans by 10 years.

This is not the conclusion of Dr. Seo’s visions. He will ultimately aim to achieve longevity without any serious disorder along with the increasing of the average lifespan of the entire human race by 30 years by preventing aggravation and treating countless numbers of diseases through the maintenance of respiratory health at the maximum level. For this purpose, Dr. Seo will be cooperating with the G2 (USA and China). The USA, the birthplace of modern medicine and China, the origin of oriental medicine, are the countries in which the differentiated excellence of Korean medicine needs to be known widely.

Dr. Seo who has been asserting the dire need to be "free from chemical medicine" to the entire world continues to nurture his visions and presents the answers for the "freedom from chemical medicine." Steroids out! Medical food is real medicine. When all the people of the world have access to Pyunkang, Korea will become the country thanked by the entire human race. Pyunkang is no longer just for Korea but for the entire world.

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