Rattanathibet Police Superintendent leaves the area, offering to seize a luxury gambling den.

Bangkok, "Big Tai" slams the Rattanathibet police chief from leaving the area after allowing foreign casinos to open and flouting the law. Resulting in the appointment and transfer of police in the 66th term.

Police General Kittirat Panpetch, Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police Revealing the case where police investigating the Immigration Office led forces with a criminal warrant to raid and search a hotel in the Ngamwongwan area. After finding out that the area on the 8th and 9th floors was opened as a large gambling den, that after a letter was issued ordering the Provincial Police Region 1 Commander to investigate the facts of the said case. Initially, it is still waiting for the report of the inspection results.

As for whether the casino is connected to any foreign influential group or not? At this time, there has not been found to be a connection. There will be a connection with the arrest of Jin Ling Pub. Yannawa District or not? It has not been found that there is a connection either. which the Provincial Police Region 1 is in the process of investigating

When asked about the case where the gambling den has been open for business for a long time. Are the local police considered defective for their negligence? This matter is already considered the policy of the Royal Thai Police to strictly inspect and prevent the illegal opening of gambling dens. Therefore, in this case, it was ordered Police Lieutenant General Jirasan Kaewsaeng-aek, Commander of Provincial Police Region 1, checked the facts. and to take administrative action against the police station chief in this appointment term. without having to have an order to help perform official duties

As for checking the facts At this time, hurry up and complete the process quickly. If anyone is found involved connive neglect or receive benefits Strict disciplinary action must be taken. Even if you move out of the area, you will be prosecuted to the utmost.

When asked how foreign gamblers know about this casino? Whoever is the owner, will there be any legal action against the place that is a hotel? And there will be an examination of the issue of accepting members only for foreigners and not accepting Thais or not. Please wait to hear the results of the fact investigation. However, if the inspection of the investigating officer Rattanathibet Police Station Found evidence linking who was involved. Every case must be prosecuted according to the prescribed laws, without exception.

Source: Thai News Agency

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